Wii Arcade Sticks

What do you use for the Wii and what is the best arcade stick available for the system?

madcatz’s TVC stick is good

The Madcatz TVC is probably your best option. The parts are of good quality from the get go, and the buttons are wired with quick-disconnects. The buttons on a Hori Wii stick are soldered directly onto the PCB, making it a hassle for modding.

You can also purchase a PS2 stick and a gamecube controller converter. Or dual-mod a stick from another console

Good idea. I was actually looking at one of the MAS Systems PS2 sticks because I can’t find any of the Hori sticks even on Ebay and I also have Ikaruga and a couple Gamecube arcade games I wanted to play but I don’t know for sure if they work with the adapters since someone said there’s didn’t.

TvC stick for straight Wii, or the MC Cthulu for multi console support, or PiiWee for classic controller emulation… TvC sticks can be had dirt cheap too

TvC stick FTW!