Wii classic controller inside TE stick mod

This is a post ultimately about grounding issues I had while attempting to padhack a wii classic controller to be used with the 360 te stick. Since there are no good guides that I’ve found to do this I may make one up if there is enough interest. The top contains background of experience, the specifics of the mods are on the bottom.

Hi, a short introduction if I may: I have gone fightstick crazy! ever since I bought my first stick (mvc te) a month ago. Since then I’ve been playing only fighting games. Learning more and more about sticks and mods, I started out with simpler mods like changing springs and buttons, upon seeing the inards of the stick I decided to move into more complex mods. Cause lets admit it, mods and customizations are so fun!

Next I attempted to dual hack my Wii CC to my TE stick to play TvC. I found a couple threads on this subject but couldn’t get a clear cut guide, only pieces of info here or there. Upon watching utube videos on soldering (yikes! it’s my first time) other padhacks I decided to give it a shot.

My 1st attempt yielded a cc controller pcb board that got fried due to improper soldering method, It was on the last 2 buttons! can you imagine the frustration? also, not using hot glue had my few good contacts eventually snapping off. Ugh…

Discouraged I said f* it. I’ve spent enough money for the project to just go out and buy a stick for the wii. I put it down for a couple of days before thinking 2nd time might work, with some steady hands, to my surprise I pulled it off, I was sooo happy! :smiley:

Tech Specifics:

Since TvC uses only 4 buttons I decided not to mess with triggers yet since that requires additional components to be soldered onto the pcb. I soldered the following contacts on the wii cc controller (Nyko brand)

  • common ground
  • up, down, left, right
  • x, y, a, b
  • select, start

On my TE stick I connected the JLF ground wire to the cc ground. The JLF directional to the cc directional, and the cc buttons to the quick connects of the te stick buttons (there are 2 quick connects for each button, I connected the non grounded wire)

It all works. I have my wii remote inside the te stick wire storage and it’s very clean.

The Problem:

I’m thinking it’s some kind of grounding issue by the way I went about making all the connections (see Tech Specifics up top) When playing the wii the usb chord on my te needs to be plugged into the 360 in order for the stick to work, and when playing the 360 the wii remote needs to be on (I’ve figured out that the wii need not be on if I have the sync button held down the wii mote will stay on). In short, the stick needs to connect to both systems in order for me to play either SF4 or TvC. Granted the systems doesn’t need to be turned on it’s still cumbersome. I am hopping someone more tech savy can offer me a quick fix.

I can post pictures, make an indepth guide for anyone who is attempting the project. It’s really worth it and not as hard as someone new (like me) may think. Let me know your thoughts, I tried to be as clear as possible but today is not a good grammar day. You can contact me on my xbl tag if interested in discussion or post on this board. Thank you.

I got some good info here on the discussion, just not what I was looking for overall but is helpful.

What are the golden rules for dual mods?

P.S. Insert obligatory “PiiWee would have been easier and better to install, especially in a TE” here.

the voltage for both pcbs need to be linked, just like the ground. Should have used a PiiWii, easier to rig triggers.

You forgot to connect the VCC of both PCB together.

Thank you for your inputs, I am new at this and your replys/guidance are appreciated. I will research what VCC is and will connect both of “that” on my PCBs. Also I’ll look up what PiiWii is.

PiiWee PCB.
Toodles PiiWee Kit

  1. I just checked out the PiiWee kit, it’s cool, I’m already deep into my classic controller mod so I’m gonna roll with it…

  2. Does anyone know where the VCC connection is on the nyko classic controller is? I browsed for about a half hour now trying to it with no luck. I did find out that on the TE stick it’s the red wire.

  3. Finally, connecting the VCC on both PCBs will merge electric currents, that sounds a bit scary. I just don’t want to fry anything. Anyone care to elaborate this concept?