Wii Classic Controller Padhacking for Tatsunoko


Yeah, same with my 360 stick. If I bought a classic controller, could I put it’s PCB in the 360 stick and have it work like that? Don’t know all too much.


I’m wondering, would it be possible to do that exact setup but with a USB connector for a TE instead of an HSS-0130?


I’m also wondering about a 360-to-Wii solution for my Hori. If it’s not possible to get a hardware solution, perhaps it could be done in software via homebrew? Just get the Wii reading from the usb port. I’m a complete nub at that though, so that’s probably beyond me.


I could be wrong, but what if you just dedicate the TE stick alone with a DPDT switch, solder the wires from the TE’s pcb, and then make a dsub connector out of it and then use the switch to handle the Classic Controller.
Otherwise, the pcb in the TE stick must be taken out and used in a project box with a connector instead. Then you would have multiple project boxes. :smiley:


No. The reason is because a DB15 connector has 15 pins and is just wired directly to the button contacts. A USB connector works through communicating with the actual chips on the PCB, taking the signals from the button contacts and converting them into the 4-pin USB standard.

You can either mod a DB15 connector into your TE and connect it to the classic controller as shown above, or just extract the classic controller PCB and dual mod it internally with the TE PCB, in which case you would still have a second cable running out of the box to connect to the Wii remote.


I used the DB15 cause I also use the HSS-0130 for my supergun which has a Neo-Geo controller port pinout. I plan on making similar modules for the Xbox and PS3 controller.


Sorry for my ignorance, but where would one solder for voltage on this pcb? I’m interested in dual modding with a 360 pcb, but I’m not sure if I would need to connect voltage from the 360 pcb to the Wii pcb for proper power on both, or if it would be okay without it.


Thought I’d post some updated pics of the mod. I’m very happy with it. It’s much cleaner than before.




You can probably take it off the connector off the back of the PCB where the cord that plugs into the Wiimote goes. I’d assume the red and black. But I dunno for sure. Maybe someone with a multimeter can confirm that.


Interesting, what I’m looking for is basically a way to have a CC where I can plug in any PS3 stick (and not a PS3 stick modded for Wii). If there were any way to make this, available, either as a kit, or even a fully assembled CC w/ mod, then colour me highly interested, overseas shipping be damned.


Ran into an issue with the L and R buttons. In all of my tests, mainly Virtual Console games, they worked just fine. But with Tatsunoko, It seems to take the analog into consideration. I ended up just remapping those commands to other buttons. I updated post #6. Maybe someone with more electronics experience can figure out how to bypass the analog slider. Like a resistor or something.


FA-MAS, I was just going to post the same thing. Your method worked great for everything but TvC, which, like you said, seems to take the analog triggers into account. I too am just going to remap.

This is what Toodles wrote in the padhacking thread, if someone could come up with a schematic or solution it would be greatly appreciated:


I don’t really like that option for 1 major reason. The wire. All my consoles are close to my projector which is behind where I sit and the wires don’t reach. Plus they’d be running across a walkway.


Too bad i dont have a wii for this mod =[


Well everything else is now working, so I’m facing the pain-in-the-butt required to get the shoulder buttons working…

There was an image posted that explained how it should be done, wiring diagram/schematic wise but unfortunately though I get the gist, I’m not super literate in these things…I have my NPN transisitor, my two 10kOhm resistors and my diode, but I’m a bit lost on the actual wiring, ie what the completed piece would look like all soldered together…anybody want to take a stab at it?


Image can be clicked on to see at full size.


Here’s how I take that drawing to say it should be wired. Though in my drawing, the Wiper, Gnd, and +V are most likley not in the right order cause I don’t have the PCB with me now. You’ll probably have to trace those out.



So you would have to wire power from the classic controller to the 360 PCB in order to do a dual PCB setup? I would be happy to check where to find pull the voltage from with a multimeter if this is the answer to my problem.

(My problem is that wiring up the classic controller directly to the inputs and ground works great until I connect the 360 PCB in a Madcatz SE fightstick. There are more details here. http://www.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=223921&p=8430449&viewfull=1#post8430449)


Yes you do have to connect the power.

Yes this will work. OR you can do like I did and use a Inverter Chip similar to the trigger hack method outlined here.

I added the pins for both items below to the above pinout.


Unfortunatly the pics are not available anymore. Im planning to Mod my 360 TE with a CC PCB to play TvC, so any pics and more Info on this are appreciated.


Look at the picture I put up at the bottom of page 1. It’s a more up to date version of the original.

But to be honest, this method of hacking is useless now since Toodles released the PiiWee or you could follow any of the multiple MC Cthulhu mods using the the gamecube cable and netting a bunch of other systems in the process (PS3, PS1/PS2, etc.).
Go http://www.lizardlick.com/pages/boards.shtml to buy either.