Wii Classic Controller Pro Rewiring


I’m working on a project involving the Wii Classic Controller Pro and need a little assistance. Here’s the scope of what I’m trying to do.

Since some games have screwed up controls for the WCC (Bubble Bobble Plus, for instance), I’d like to rewire the buttons inside the WCCP. So instead of the default controls (yes there is NO way to change it in the previously mentioned title!) B/A combo, I’d like to change it to Y/B. Nothing else really needs to be done.

I saw on a mod video that YX and AB are set on certain wires (blue and white respectively). However, I’m wanting to know how I could go about making it so, for instance, I wire YB to the white wire and it would function properly. I’ve seen where the solder points are on the board itself, but I’m curious as how to properly deal with the “two wires to one” situation.

I have an alternate idea if what I’m thinking is impossible, where I’d do the same thing with a PS2 controller and get a converter so I can run that into the Wiimote (I’ve seen that converter, so it would be a matter of rewiring a PS2 controller in that case).

I’d rather keep it simple and just use a WCCP though.