Wii Fight Stick Adapter/PCB For TVC Cabinet


Heya, a friend of mine is wanting to make a TVC dedicated arcade cabinet. So he needs to know the best way to go about the stick situation. He doesnt want to have to deal with batteries, so whats the best converters that plug into the wii via the GC inputs? Is it better to go the whole pcb route instead?


MC Cthulhu has GCN support.


Also keep in mind that, unless the Wii is hacked with custom firmware, there’s no way to get the system to auto-boot the disc that’s inserted.

Meaning that you’ll have to manually point to the Disc-Channel to load the game; either with the Wii-Remote pointed to the screen, or with the analog-stick of a Classic Controller. A controller plugged into one of the GCN ports won’t work, because those controller ports are disabled until a game that supports them is actually loaded.

Going back to the original question, either a padhack of a GCN controller (tedious), or us an MC Cthulhu with a GameCube cable.


oooh thats a good point about needing a wiimote/cc anyway.