Wii fighting stick (hori)

anyone know if this stick works with smash bros brawl? just curious. i know you can have custom controls in brawl. just wanna make sure from someone who has had first hand experience.

I’d assume it does… not speaking from first hand experience or anything though.

You should probably stick with the GameCube controller though. Analog movement is kind of important in Brawl.

Yeah, essentially the Wii joystick is nothing more than a flattened out classic controller. Minus the extra stick and I am not sure if its wireless or not. I was debating on buying it as well, but I decided that the classic controller will probably be better.

the analogs on the vc controller are really lose, just to let you know.

i wanted that arcade feel for smash bros. once u go stick it hard to go back to controllers

Well if you do decide to go for it. Let us know. Also FYI you can find the Wii Hori stick cheaper online than at Gamestop. Depending on shipping prices that is ;-).

Just wondering, does the hori wii stick have a usb plug and work for pc ?

no it doesn’t

Smash Bros is in the arcades?

I think he means in general.

i know for a fact you can use the wii fighting stick for brawl, i made an agreement with a friend of mine to give the game a shot if i could use a stick and he showed me a vid of some japanese dude using the wii fighting stick about a week ago.


ok well i got my copy of brawl. and it seems that the joystick is mapped as the taunt buttons… someone said they saw this in action with brawl? like i didnt just get it for brawl. but it was one of my main reasons. anyways if anyone at all knows how to get it to work plz lemme know.

me 2 i bought the stick for brawl and it doesnt work it just taunts

Did you guys change the controls?

I think it should be possible to make the default taunts (D-Pad) as movement.

Please go try! I’m very interested in using the Wii stick too.

it doesn’t work with brawl