Wii Friend Code Thread 2.0


Quiche, Tay Zonday had me and my wife rollin last night :lovin:

Picked up your Mii, as well as Peter G. Nya ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Last night I added Adam Worlock, Worthless, Septimus Prime, plantinum_pinoy, Infernoman, Zor, and Sunoco. Add me please.

Will add more later. Let me know if anyone else added, me, will get to it soon…plan on adding the entire SRK list, short on time, though.

Can we be friends, Adam?:sweat:


Some own it and some own pee ess three.
Hook it up to your big screen tv
Cheaper than an x-box 360
it plays games but won’t play dvds
Waggle your remote along with me



:rofl::rofl: & :rofl:


El Ton-K - Ton-K - 4035 0680 0045 2166 El Paso, Texas


dont lie i got your mii doin my homework.:rofl:


Bekkoyochi - osiiri- 4923 3719 2701 2950


My FC is in my Sig.


You call your mom “homework?” That’s fucked up.


:rofl: get a room guys.



Get a room? What planet are you from, Jewpiter? rimshot


What planet are you from, Niggreptune?

See what i did there?



I’m down to only 388k now…Oh Noes?


EDIT: Ya, I be hoarding that rep like a member of the true blue jew crew.


Codeblues SC 8699-2787-0156-3770 Chicago, IL

Let me know if you added me. PM better than reply here. Currently no online games yet though.


Random123456789 - ywii - 4175-9211-5086-5226 - Chicago, IL, USA


I added you Quiche… as well as Random123456789 and Codeblues. To everyone elseLet me know if you added me to your lists so I can add you too, Please.


Thanks, I will add you too.


bounce- spongy toe- 1024 2811 2845 1778- kumamoto, japan


bounce, i got you down…

…i have these people down, so add me
004. Infernoman - Infernoman - 1565-6327-6500-5607 - ???

 Updated 11.22.2006
 003. Suavion - Suavion - 0009-3913-9581-9457 -????
 002. Zor - Jay - 7885-2581-4689-3388 - Cedar Falls, NC
 001. SunocO - Sunoco - 4900-1031-0284-9006 - ????

 i'll do the rest tommorow or something.


I will add you Daigo


0375 9617 2070 0839
pm me with your friend code so I can add too