Wii Friend Code Thread 2.0


TempestFox - Tempest - 3821-7286-1976-5358 - Danbury, CT


Kuya - ? - 5238-6686-9745-6209 - Orlando, FL


rob2_0: Q-MONEY ~0685-8809-5713-2407 Newyork, NY

do not have ny wifi game at the moment will be getting brawl and a couple others

edit: how many codes does this thing hold?


ViciousSLASH: VSLASH ( I guess, put whatever you want ) 5402-7833-9083-4291 Lancaster, PA


Adding you now.

Just for signing up, you get a free Quiche Mii and for a limited time only, a Tay Zonday Mii as well!

why so



I have more rep than Quiche? HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN?


I stopped whoring like a year ago. I’m now like 80th rank.

why so



I don’t even rep whore.


Didja add me? I added you and Vslash too.


Just added you, |Tempest|

why so



I added you just now, VSLASH. Add me back so I can send you a Ken Griffey with gigantism Mii later.

I decided I want to main Pokemon Trainer in DAT BRAWL, only because I want to turn my cap backwards Ash Ketchum style before matches.



So what the fuck do YOU call it? no need to lie.


I just added retrokid, Tempest, I have your name and number in, but it says you haven’t registered me yet.


I also added Rob2_0.


Wii: 8102 - 9042 - 3891 - 8519 The guys who haven’t added me yet. Make it happen, Cap’N.


added ViciousSLASH and will add every one on this page today


Finally stopped being lazy and decided to add people from this thread. Figure I do it before I forget and get Brawl.

Yasashiyama - Scuuba Steefe - 4296 6782 1650 4259 - Miami, FL

Edit: Sending PMs to everyone I add. Please send one back to confirm. :slight_smile:


phae - Wiiverine - 8230 7707 8406 2312 - Brooklyn, NY

I do not have any online games yet but I would love to exchange messages and things of that sort. You can most likely expect me to send you pictures of me playing Pokemon Snap, which I am going to get tomorrow.



PM me along with your WFC if you added me and need adding back.


StuartHayden/Stuwii/7709571133902625/Uniontown, Arkansas.


Axis - Axis - 0162 - 7909 - 8462 - 5067 - Danville, CA 94526

Brawl Code: 0001 - 2973 -8745

omg need ppl to play with damnit!


Wii Code: Guru - Allan - 2423 4099 7674 0450 - Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

SSBB: 5284 - 1083 - 5840

Time to add everyone here…