Wii Friend Code Thread 2.0


Wii FC: 5224 6450 9234 5544
Wii Name: Wind
Location: Killeen, TX

My wifi games are smash and TvC


Monster Hunter Tri anyone?

hmmm … >_>
Is anyone going to play Monster hunter Tri?
Please add me, I need friends to play with on it.
My Wii FC is 2633 8152 9073 2260
Also add me for SSF4 on both Xbox360 and PS3 :slight_smile: see my game tag on the left


My TvC Friend Code



Koao-Koao-4169 2325 7471-Markham, Ontario,Canada


7959 4129 0582 1856

Add me please. I have TvC, Monster Hunter Tri and a few others. I just got my Wii as a gift this year. I know the Wii is “dead” but you know you still like to play. You just don’t tell your friends. :smiley:


The Diplomat defense shut down the Red Dragon attack all afternoon, holding the visitors without a shot until 25 minutes into the game.

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