Wii/ Gamecube wiring to Wii only pin out diagram question


Hello everyone. This is my first post after lurking here for a few days. It’s amazing to see such enthusiasm stemming from such a cool past time. Arcade fighting has truly become a subculture of sorts.

Anyway, I couldn’t take a longer hiatus. I miss my 7-11 after school brawling and the sound of full coin-op buckets and electricity in the air. I know that you junkies can agree that it’s a lot more than a game to us. So, I’ve decided to take on a dual stick project from scratch and had a question or two about compatability.

This is going to be a multi-plat dual stick that I can bring with me and use on an SNES, PS3, PS2, 360 and my Wii. I’ve done my reading about the chimp board, and everything available from various arcade parts suppliers. I restore cars and I build wiring harnesses from scratch, so this shouldn’t be too difficult for me.

I was wondering if anyone here has, or has a link of a diagram to compare a Game Cube cord pin-out to a Wii Classic controller pin-out.

My goal;

Multi- platform stick that utilizes Wii remote jacks instead of the Game Cube controller jacks on the console with a cord. Will I have to bite the bullet and buy some classic controls for hacking on this kind of mod?

What I’d like; Chimp for PS3/ 360 USB, toggle for Wii output & an SNES output.

I’d like to do this with as few boards as possible.

Eventually I’d also like to go wireless on everything that I can later on, but it’s not a priority.

Any info on the pin-out wii to game cube cords would be great.




Your best option other than to become an electrical wizard such as Toodles,

You can go the project box route:
Been meaning to write a tutorial on this versatile if not expensive method of joystick hacking. It is pretty self explanatory, you wire each button to a pin on a D-Sub terminal and bridge those points to a controller PCB with the opposite side contained in a project box. I usally have a short DB-25 or DB-15 cable to put the project box on the floor as opposed to have it attached directly to the stick body.

Put a MC Cthulhu+Imp+360 pcb in one project box Use link below. You can use the MC Cthulhu for SNES support
The RJ-45 route if you don’t mind wired and Gamecube only cord for wii.:

Another project box for Wii CC pcb.

Another option is UPCB:
Very complicated to use though.


The ChImp is only PlayStation 3 and PC support.
No other Console.

But I probably don’t know what your intentions are.
So this may be my misunderstanding of what you want.


rtdzign, Thanks for the info link on the Universal board. Man, that thing kicks ass. Toodles seems to know his biz. I really salute him for giving his knowledge and trying so hard at making the ultimate universal stick possible.

jdm714, My goal was basically to have one USB port for the PS3/ PC and have a toggle for the other platform pcb’s, using a wii remote cord instead of GC, but now I know that there is no wii controller support without using a wii pcb.

Now that I’m looking at this project from a distance, it seems like the most viable way to do this is to do multiple pcb’s hacked. I can get off brand controls for cheap. At least cheap enough to make this viable. It’s a double stick, so the cabinet will have room, I think.

I’m just trying to figure out a way to eliminate as many pcb’s as possble, but no matter what, it seems like I’m either going to have multiple cords/ outputs or a multi-position, multi- pin switch to toggle them all on one output, with multiple converter cords.

This stick won’t be obnoxious, even wireless, if I can find and use a multi position, multi pinout switch, I can use wireless pcb’s with one rechargable battery source, if I wire the power source through the toggle, specifically to run with each pcb in it’s setting on the switch for multi-voltage input and even some LED functions.

I can see this stick happening in stages, but I think it will be cleaner if I do it all at once. I think a wiring diagram will be in order when I get the components.

On an off note, I remember when I was in high school, a friend of mine lived behind a shopping mall in some apartments. When we were walking back to his place, we found a Sega Genesis controller in a bag, in the parking lot of the Toys-R-Us behind the mall. We started laughing at the idea of trying to plug it into his atari 2600 to play it, since the control ports were identical. Just for shits, we tried it and it worked flawlessly. Every button on the controller was the single function button on the 2600 console.

I don’t know if that info is posted anywhere on this site, but I know for a fact that Genesis controllers work on a 2600. hahaha…


That is an interesting tutorial on the multi console cthulhu+ imp+ 360 dual mod. If I understand this correctly, I can get everything to run on two positions with an imp, if I use GC port instead of Wii Remote port.

If the imp only needs to detect two positions, does that mean everything uses the same voltage input? That would make or break my wireless idea, due to power supply. I know that the imp is only necessary to piggyback the 360 pcb, because microsoft is greedy w/ control recognition.

I take it that the imp will only detect two format positions (in this case, mc cthulhu and a pcb) and cannot be piggybacked with another imp for an additional pcb?

Sorry about the brain picking. I’m just trying to figure out the easiest way to incorporate a single output jack into a cabinet that can utilize a Wii remote input.

I may end up just using a dual position switch on top of the imp, if the Wii will not support the controller on a Wii remote pinout.

I wish I knew enough to develop a support chip for a 360 and a Wii. That seems like it would solve some issues.