Wii Hori Fight Stick

First post, but I’ve been lurking for a while. I purchased one of these, and I’d like to be able to use it on a PS2 as well as a Wii. The problem is, I’m completely new to this whole modding thing, and I’ve been doing a little research. These are the only relevant threads I found…


I have never modded before, and I have no idea how to solder things, but I can probably find somebody to help with that.

Now, how would I go about modding the Hori Wii fight stick to work on both the Wii and a PS1/2? I saw a video on YouTube of a user who completely removed the Wii PCB and replaced it with a PS2 PCB, which is sort of tempting because there are tons of controller adapters for the PS1/2. The downside is that I would lose Wii support, but that isn’t a big problem I suppose. Would modding it to a PS2 stick and buying tons of adapters be the simplest method? I do have an extra controller, but I’m not sure how to do this.

Otherwise, dual modding seems nice because Wii support would still be there, but the entire process seems very complicated, and I would still need to buy tons of PS1/2 to whatever adapters. I looked through that dual modding thread, but none of the posts had successfully dual modded a Hori Wii stick. One user was going to attempt it, but instead modded it into a PS2 stick.

Alternatively, isn’t it so that I can replace the Wii PCB with a MC Cthulu in order to work on multiple consoles? This seems complex and more costly. Oh, and I saw a thread about a universal PCB.

In short, I’m just not sure what to do or what the most simple method of being able to use this stick on multiple platforms (Wii/GC, PS1/2, PC, Dreamcast, etc). It seems like modding it to a PS2 stick and buying PS2 -> Anything adapters is the simplest and perhaps easiest method?

Thanks for any help and suggestions.

Could get an empty case, parts, and MC Cthulhu. Requires almost no soldering, unfortunately, you’ll still have to solder on the wires that go out to the system. But at least you don’t have to assemble it, and can use the screw terminals so you don’t have to solder any wires from buttons to the circuit board. But it has PSX-PS3 support, as well as gamecube (thus wii support for games that support GC controls, TvC and SSBB support, for example, as well as SSB modes), xbox 1, SNES, and a few others I’m probably forgetting. This is just an option, and will probably cost quite a bit, but you can have a custom stick.

This is just one option, though. If you want more detailed how-to, I’ll get into it. But I don’t want to spout a ton of info if you’re not interested. Heh.

Well, the MC Cthulhu sounds nice. Is the Hori case insufficient for the MC Cthulhu? And I would have to install multiple cords for each console. But $35 is a bit more than I want to spend. However, if I purchase PS1/2 adapters for the GC, Xbox/360, PS3 and Dreamcast, the cost is pretty much the same as buying an MC Cthulhu. But I really only need PS2 to GC and to PC. PS2 to Dreamcast adapter is like $20, but most of the games can be emulated or have been ported to the PS2 or are on PSN/XBL (Marvel 2). So, it’s not vital that I get a PS2 to DC adapter. I’m sure the MC Cthulhu is also far more reliable than using a bunch of adapters.

Thus, it would be much cheaper if I only purchased a PS2 to GC and PS2 to PS3/PC or PS2 to 360/PC adapter. Is modding this stick to a PSX/PS2 stick relatively simple? What is necessary to do this other than a spare controller and a soldering iron?

Not much space in a Hori FS.

ps2 -> ps3/PC is already about $25 for an adapter. And if you want PS2 to 360/PC, its another $23.

Adapters are probably to best way to go for a wii hori though. And unless you do modifications to the case, i doubt its possible to shove in a ps2 pad into the stick, though who knows.

Project box may be the best way to go. I’d suggest db-25 headers for guide/PS/home support and that its somewhat easier than a 3 row db-15.

Actually, you might be able to stick an MC Cthulhu in there. The trick is mounting the Nuetrik jack for the RJ45 so that you can attach different cords.

I found super cheap PS2 -> GC, PS2 -> PS3/360/PC adapters online. Like $5 each.
This guy modded his Wii Hori stick into a PS2 stick: [media=youtube]42BthvS1API[/media]
He put a PS2 PCB inside of it and it seems to work fine, but he never posted a how-to like he said he was considering. This is what I may end up trying because it sounds like it won’t really cost much.

A project box? Is it to create a case? So, for a custom stick?


Well, is it simpler to do this project box thing?

ehsia.com ? my stuff and reviews ? Upgrade Hori Wii Fighting Stick to arcade quality partsPC
ehsia.com ? my stuff and reviews ? Making a Universal Arcade Stick
This guide is to mod the stick with a PSX/2 PCB, which I have available. But I’d rather go buy a cheap controller instead of dismantling a good PSX controller if it can be helped [I now regret tossing my broken PS2 and GC controllers out].

As for that guide, I have the exact PSX controller. SCPH1200 A. I just need the 20-22AWG wiring. This seems like the cheapest method of getting the same result.

For more information on the non-Solderless PlayStation.

Thanks for the help. I really appreciate it because I don’t know shit about modding electronics.
75-Ft. UL-Recognized Hookup Wire (22AWG) - RadioShack.com
That wire is what I need, right? Though 75ft seems like a lot.

And if I understand this right, I don’t need to solder anything, correct? Because the SCPH1200 A is solderless, right? …Wait. One site states that the A [early] series pads need to be soldered. I’m confused.

Yes, that wire.

There are two versions of the A Controller.
One is early, the other one is after that.

The first one requires soldering.
The second one does not need soldering.

Okay. So my SCPH1200 A, which is grey probably needs to be soldered. Is there a way I can be sure of this? How can I tell if mine is an early model or not? I can open mine up, but I don’t know if that will tell me anything because I don’t really know what I’m doing.

Yes, you open it up.
Then compare to pictures.

Totally different.

[quote=“sph0nz, post:9, topic:107699”]

Well, is it simpler to do this project box thing?


Somewhat. As long as you know how to wire it. Once you figure out the wiring, it’s cake, since you never have to do something crazy making 2 PCBs work at the same time. But, then again, you have to build a project box (not stick, but basically a “converter”) for every system, and it tends to be a bit light. It’s cool because your stick will never be out of date as long as you keep building more project boxes, and will be able to work on any system. Though, sometimes, having a big box lump in the wire doesn’t settle with most people. Heh.

Okay. So my PS1 controller PCB looks almost identical to the top one, which does need soldering. I can get started in a couple of days; a friend is giving me some 22 gauge tinned wire, so all I need to do is find a soldering iron.

8 or 9 bucks tops from anywhere that has it. 15?25 watts will do the trick. Unless if you’re jdm714 who needs 1.21 gigawatts!

Radio shack or walmart.
That pad is pretty easy to solder.
Once you test all the connections, hot glue over them. You don’t need to, just a precaution.

Also solder all the connections whether you’ll use them or not. This gives you flexibility in the future if you ever need a stick with the extra buttons. Also optional, but recommended.

Honestly though, the easiest option along with overall cost effectiveness would be MC Cthulhu and RJ45 mod.


I can probably find somebody who has a soldering iron/pump. I know I have a hot glue gun somewhere around here… So far, this is not costing me any money because people I know already have the necessary things, which is pretty awesome. I’d imagine that I won’t have to purchase anything at this rate. Except for new arcade parts, eventually.

This is sort of unrelated, but I saw that somebody modded their Hori stick to add L3/R3
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Is there any use for L3/R3? I know it’s just clicking the analog sticks, but as far as I know, that does nothing in Street Fighter IV.