Wii Hori, Sanwa/Xbox 360 Mod(Video Series)

Hey guys,

It goes over my process of modding a Wii Hori fighting stick for Sanwa parts(JLF, Snap in buttons) and I wire it up to a 360 pad. If you want to mod one of these with sanwa or for the 360 check it out.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:
(for some reason high quality mode didn’t work on this one so it looks like shit, thanks youtube)

your videos are awesome, keep it up! im learning so much

I wish I had the patience to make a video, good job

Heres one I did awhile ago



great vid, im defn. gonna use it

Great thread, and videos. This will help me greatly to modify my FS3 that I’m planning on putting in a sanwa stick/buttons. Bookmarked this page.

Question: Are you not using the stock JLF microswitches with the harness?

This is a nice thread. Thanks

However, I am a n00b at modding. I was wondering if there is anyway I could just take off the stock PCB, put on the PCB from my wired Xbox 360 controller, and re-wire it to the stock buttons and joystick.

I know that the stock components are not as good, but right now I just want any stick for my 360. I will mod it later as seen in the videos when I have the time.

What troubles me is how to wire the Xbox guide button, and if wiring the buttons and joystick to the 360 PCB board is the same as wiring to any other buttons or joysticks.


Sure you can do that. A button is a button after all. For the Xbox Guide and start watch the last(2 maybe) videos of the series(part 4 and 5). I show you how to wire the start and guide.

I took the PCB off the stock microswitches. The PCB I used was non-common so I had to remove it. Watch my Sanwa JLF to non-common PCB video(in my channel).

Yeah that one is awesome, I saw it in the custom stick thread a while back, love what you did with the top.

So if I am using a PCB with common grounds, I will not be able to mount my JLF the same way that you did right? Since you screwed the microswitches to the mount. I don’t think I will be able to do that with the microswitchboard attached.

IF I were to do the cherry microswitch mod to my JLF, do you know if i would be able to mount joystick through holes in the microswitches like you did with your Wii mod? I don’d have my parts yet, so I am unable to look to see if it would be possible.

Cherries have the same holes so their good. As for the PCB on the JLF for commons that works too(I actually meant to mention that in the video, I’ll add it as a pop up. Thanks.). The PCB does not block the hole at all.

Just received my JLF in the mail, and you’re right about the PCB not blocking the hole. I will for sure be back in this thread many times to watch the videos you have posted.

OK thanks. I’ll get on it.

Damn, that’s hella clean! Looks slick man!

awesome mod …but i have a question… what kind of buttons are they? they are not quick disconnect right? have to solder the wires to them,right?

can i use the stock button and joystick on the hori wii on a Xbox 360 pad? i need a stick!

Sure you can. A button is a button. The stock hori ones aren’t as good as sanwa ones but it will work. You can always swap them out latter if you feel like it, or not; doesn’t really matter.

If you leave the stock parts in it will be super easy to mod. Getting that JLF in there was a pain in the ass.

They look like Seimitsu PS14KNs. You can do quick disconnects if you want (.110"), he probably chose to solder.

ok thx … so any buttons with the quick disconnects thing can be solder? :slight_smile:

vn. took a look at part1- will be using these over break. Thanks!

Any thing with metal can be soldered.

well im going to try this mod, i had a madcatz pcb board all wired up ready to go for about two weeks and im inching to have a stick so imma try the wii stick with the stock button in till the shops open up again…and im going to try to make my stick look like Domz but im going to color the case black and add green buttons and joystick and maybe the led mod if someone can show me how i can do it on a madcatz pcb board. and how do i wire my pcb to the stock joystick?