Wii Hori Stick Pictures


Didn’t know if anyone wanted to see the stick, inside and out. Wondering if Sanwa Buttons will fit. Any Suggestions?





Edit: Nvm.


Hey I am finishing up a hori wii fighting stick mod this week for my cousin. It will be done as soon as buttons get here Wednesday and he finishes the art. Here’s some pics from the one i am finishing up.

A Sanwa JLF stick fits but there a bunch of cutting and drilling to make it fit. You have to open up the holes on the top of the JLF with a drill so that the white pegs fit in th holes and cut off the top and bottom holes on the JLF so it “sinks in” the square space.


Sanwa buttons do work/fit just file the tabs down in the button holes.

Heres the artwork template:



What kind of plug is on the end of the cord? Game cube style?


It plugs into the wiimote like the classic controller does.


Like he said its the connector that fits in the wiimote. Heres a pic:



I thought, SNK Playmore announced a new joystick Wii called" NeoGeo" like old style stick.
i don’t know about that Hori make joystick for Wii. COOL!


Does it lag at all since it’s wireless?


a stock one lags( to me ) but its not even a 10th of a second.


I don’t really notice any lag when playing Guilty Gear. But I could be wrong. Post some pictures of that stick when your done! I want to get some white buttons, leave the blue rings and get a new ball top for the joystick. Does anyone know if the ball can come off and be replaced with a different one?


yes the ball top can be replaced. Guilty gear is the game (oh and ssf2 for VC) that made my cousin want his Wii stick modded.


Sorry for being off-topic but does that basically mean the Wii Classic controller is wireless since it plugs into the Wiimote and not the actual Wii system?


Odd I love playing Guilty Gear with the Ball Top and Buttons. Ehh Different Opinions I guess.


I want to mod my 360 hori ex2 but im useless at such things.


How did you get the buttons out? I want to put in Sanwas


Desolder them from the board. Look into any of the many tutorials about how to mod the T5 stick or HORI EX2 stick. Its essentially the same thing.





by the look of where the screws are at on the restrictor plate.

should i be able to put in a swana round one not the oct one with out drilling or cutting any of that stuff?


anyone have pics of a modded one yet?


yeah some one does in i love my custom stick.