Wii hori stick..... to xbox 360?

I have a few broken 360 remotes lying around and since i havent bought a stick from china… i was wondering…

Could i buy a Wii arcade stick and possible pad hack it for the xbox 360?

Or is there a simple converter out there?

When you say remotes do you mean the white media remote or do you mean actual wireless controllers? Remotes won’t work, since they are almost always disabled during gameplay.

There is definitely no converter that exists. That cord that plugs into the Wiimote is proprietary. But yes, you could definitely swap a controller PCB into the Wii stick. It’s gonna be a lot of work though.

As long as the stick/pcb/etc all fit inside i dont see a reason why you cant use the shell to make a 360 stick assuming you can padhack one of your controllers.

It can be done

Coverless tech did a bunch of videos as well, definately check em out

Hm. I will do this. Thanks guys. ALSO last Q… is there a Wii to USB

And to answer ur question. Yea its a wired Xbox 360 controller

wii hori sticks go for 29.99 at this gamestore by my house

what is the name of this gamestore? 29.99 is a great deal on this.

$29.99?! That’s a crazy deal for this controller, what store is this, if you don’t mind telling?

CoverlessTech did it, you can do it too!


Where did you get that plexi?

Wow awesome mod

Hey Domz, did you grind the Sanwa stick down to fit the casing or did you put a hole in the bottom? I actually bought the Wii Fighting stick the other day and I plan to put in the 360 parts too…I’m going with the 8 button set up (I don’t like having holes or hole plugs on the last buttons though I wont use them), just gotta figure out the trigger buttons.

I’ve been considering getting one of these to mod. Space inside these things is mad limited but I was considering trying to use a Cthulhu and a 360 PCB while leaving the original Wii PCB in there for some kind of tri mod. The wii part only works when plugged into a Wiimote anyway correct?

Made it myself

ty :slight_smile:

a small hole did the trick

triggers are a snap depending on which pcb you use

Very nice mod :tup: I especially like the plex-light up mod, nice touch!

how thick is the plexi? is it flush with the edges?

ty, it was pretty simple… jus take an LED and solder it to a donor rumble motor connector, plug it in and youre good to go.

off hand I dont know the thinckness…

no its not flush, it sticks up alil but it doesnt bother me in the least.

alot of my friends have played on it and love it.

I wish I could add some weight to the damn thing though


How much for the stick? Worth a shot =D

I’ll be hacking a Madcatz 360 controller. The white earlier model I believe, i’ll have to check it out as I haven’t started anything yet.