Wii - Joystick - work for Brawl

I know people keep saying that a joystick for smash doesnt work well

I’m just curious if anyone has even bothered trying to make it work

it seems all the joystick out there cannot play smash because the stick is the d-pad not the analog… and u play smash on the analog… which sux…

so i wondered if anyones figured it out yet how to do it… if so im curious in buying one… regardless if they think its not worth it…



well since brawl can be played only on like a wiimote

has anyone tried to gut a wiimote and sodder the stick and buttons to those points??

since a wiimote uses dpad to play


doesnt seem like a huge deal…

Would it be possible for one of srk’s many skilled craftsman to perhaps construct a balltop or bat top that could replace the gamecube controller’s analog stick? It’d prolly suck since you’d then have to mount the pcb to the top of the stick box or take the analog thing right off the board and wire the connectors so you could move it, if that’s even possible.

I can do that without much difficulty…I was actually looking into doing flightstick mods for USB analogs too, if anyone’s interested. :slight_smile:

I’m also open to take some work in the next while…I have to clear my calendar in the next month or so, and then I can definitely do this. I need to raise some cash for a wii myself.

You need a Wiimote AND a Nunchuk, which makes it more complicated. Your other options are Gamecube or Classic controllers.

why nunchuk??? i just ment a sideway holding wiimote

d-pad = direction = Joystick

1 = special = button one
2 = attack = button two
B = Shield = button three
1+2 = smash = button 1+2

  • = throw = button 4

u got all ure functions

Well, everyone says Wiimote-only is the absolute worst way to play the game, but if you’re so intent to do it, you can certainly wire up a joystick using a Wiimote PCB.

kuprin, do you know if it’s possible to desolder the analog box thinger from the gamecube pcb and connect it with wires so it can be mounted a little better onto a joystick box? I suck terribly at soldering/pad hacking, so I’m not really sure how it all even works, but if you can i’m sure you’d have a sizeable line of peeps wanting you to hook it up with some hacked gc controller pcb’s and analog stick replacements.

if someone can make one from a gc controller; will pay

When you rewire the wiimote to another joystick it will no longer suck. You just need all the functions

I bought Brawl on Wii. I’m not open the game. I check internet. the game is not compatibility with a joystick. The game is not open. that’s fefund full payment. Whew!
Thanks for inform.

I’ve Wii a Hori Stick so, I waiting KOF game will coming on Wii.

somebody needs to try to hook up the Seimitsu analog joystick to the signal paths of the regular analog sticks on a classic controller so u can get past the no movement part =\

Yeah, I’ve done it. It works great for playing Brawl. I just put it in one of my old Hori Tekken 5 arcade sticks I had laying around and hooked it up to some sanwa buttons and a sanwa jlf-stick. Eventually I’m going to put it in a dedicated box but for now I just wanted to see how well it would play.

I’d actually be interested in what people find about this. Seems like there’d definitely be some advantages with a stick, ie being able to piano the buttons and very fast directional switching. Not sure how much the double tap dash hurts you though, that could get in the way a bit. But as to the lack of a c-stick, you could wire up 4 extra buttons (corresponding to smash directionals) each wired to attack and a direction. You’d have to use some diodes, but it should work in theory, unless I’m forgetting something obvious (the buttons are digital right?)

how the heck you would do tilt attacks on a stick?

I dont have a wii or brawl, but i wanna do the wii pad hack for a stick of mine so i can get into it at a friend’s. How are the buttons mapped on the wiimote? I figure the minimum you can get away with in smash is attack/special/block and everything else can be done with combination presses (cant be harder than marvel combos :slight_smile: ). I was thinking mapping it VF style along the punch buttons would make it easiest to adjust. And the pcb has to be oriented sideways in the stick right? Thanks in advance!

My theory,Super Bros Brawl is… NOT exited on arcade! that’s only console. It’s incompatibility with a joystick. I knew. oh shit… Nintendo doesn’t Super Bros Brawl on arcade. NEVER!! oh my god.

oh my god, indeed my friend. oh my god