Wii mad catz fight stick se problems


bought this stick off ebay used. i can’t play with a official wiimote. the wiimote shuts off automatically and won’t turn on even with new batteries, that goes for motio nplus and non motion plus. i also have a classic controller to gamecube port and the fight stick will seldom works with that too

any ideas?


Got it used off eBay. That might explain it alot.
How long ago since you receive the stick?

Double check the ebay listing make sure that the stick is listed as used and working instead of not working/ as-is or for parts.

Option A
I suggest contacting the seller for a refund.
Unless the stick is listed as for repairs/Not working the seller is supposed to grantee the product would work.
Check with eBay on the rules of returning/refunding when a product fails to work or does not match the item’s description

Option B
Good opportunity to take the DIY route and rewire the stick
Replace old PCB with a new one. Get ether a MC cthlhu PCB and make it a Game Cube stick or a PiiWee PCB
Both can be found here http://www.godlikecontrols.com/order.html

If you go with Option B, see if the Seller can still give you a partial refund.


Advice for option B: Don’t make it Gamecube. WiiU doesn’t take Gamecube.


I guess somebody has to make this happen.

Off course, he could simply padhack a Wii U Pro controller.


WiiU Pro controller is totally wireless. Would be cool to see though.

I still like… NEED someone to come up with a way to make Gamecube controllers work as a Classic Controller.


Fuck the Wii U. Seriously I hope the system takes a dive.

Look I just showed steveroo his options, its up to him to decide to go with the MC Cthulhu and make it a Game Cube controller or the PiiWee and make it a Wii stick.
He could always dual-mod the 2 boards together. Each would have their own controller cable but you still would have to connect power to power ground to ground like any dual mod.
It is up to him how to make a working arcade stick for his Wii.


the ebay site stated the stick was from a liquidation store with no returns offered; because impossible to test all electronics to work. i offered $10 less for the asking price and the person did accept.

i’m unsure how far i’ll go with this right now, as i just finished college last week and need a job to sustain myself. the stick does work - only on an unofficial wiimote. when using on gamecube connector i have to plug and unplug several times for it to detect.

if i were to do the switch; i’d prefer the gamecube pcb, for no batteries. i think every classic controller game does have options for gamecube controller support too.

thank yous for confirming that its my joystick that is the problem not a madcatz defect.


Now I just gotta know, why are you hating on WiiU?


Warring: Angry Anti-Wii U Rant
I once was a very loyal Nintendo Fan, then the PS1 and N64 Came out things changed. I hate N64 controllers and the N64 library of games No actual real Mario Game ether (Mario 64 isn’t a Mario Game). My hatred of Mario 64 is a whole another topic all together.

The Game Cube did very little to try win me back, 4 of the 9 GC titles I own is Legend of Zelda (Wind Waker, the Zelda Collectors Disc with Ocarina of Time, Majoras mask and the 2 NES titles and Twilight Princess), one being Soul Calibur II (which as Link in it). Having the Collectors Disk freed me up to trade my N64 collection for a whole box full of anime. The Wii pushed me more away from Nintendon’t, with a library that proves to be so much shovel ware that the only gems are 1st party ports and reboots, and a console I play so little I did not even bother acknowledging Skyward Sword. To Me Skyward Sword fell into the same pit as the Philips CD-i games. Oh and the Fucking Wii motion Plus, talk about a dollar short and a day late, that piece of shit should of been built-in stock on day 1.

So when it comes to the Wii U, with the second worst console name ever (first place went to Apple’s short lived Pippin system). A Controller tablet I think is PANTS-ON-HEAD-RETARDED. And come on for Christ sakes, a 8 GB and a 32 GB console where in reality, after formatting and initial setup and updates you have 3GB from 8GB? I can’t even download a good size game that comfortably fit 3 GB and have space for saves. 32 GB is also a joke, is this a Smart Phone or a Game console? So far every good game on the Wii is a PS3/Xbox 360 port on a next gen console that barely out performs the Xbox 360. They say Nintendo does not pay attention to the industry, the world, its customers or its fan base that they march in their own direction; maybe they should start paying attention to there customers when the last good console I think they had was the SNES.

I rather wait for the Ouya in March.


Well it’s not the place for this discussion but some fair points made.


To be fair you asked.


Is there a way to use a piiwee PCB and dual mod a ps1 PCB too in a fight stick?


See the Dual-Mod 101 thread for more info.