Wii/PS2 component cable help

I’ve been looking for a while now and I’m not sure whether it’s worth spending 25 bucks for an official Nintendo cable (does Sony have one too?)

Some of my findings:
$3.92 Wii

Nice big list with many different types of Wii component cables

One that looks slightly better for $5.99

I’ll update with PS2 stuff if it’s necessary, but all I wanna know it how much I should expect to pay for one that won’t break down in a day.

Sony does have a official Component cable for the PS1/PS2/PS3 (its the same cable) but its hard to find now since PS3 supports HDMI.

Right now the best i could find is a MadCatz brand universal component cable

Thanks, I went to monoprice.com and got them both for like 12$ total.