Wii Sports Tennis side tourney: any takers?

Since Tetris DS isn’t getting much support, what about this little game? I’m not sure what the rules should be, but I’m guessing it will be a doubles tourney, on two 3-sets, bring your own remote.

me and armor danceatron will be happy to enter.

haha I asked in the random game money match thread if anyone was down for any Wii Sports…heh…wellI’m still down for some Wii Tennis!

I’ll play any of all of you in real tennis for money. Any takers?
(Sit down Illan. Except you)

sounds fun. i need a partner for doubles though.

I’m down for tennis. I feel my USTA days coming back!

^You used to play USTA tennis? What division were you and what year were you born?

Intramural, when I lived in Chester, VA… year I was born? Damn, you make it sound like I’m old or something! This was back in… '97 I think. HS days.

Anyway, when I first played Wii Tennis, I was amazed at how I can slice and put spin on the ball as if I were actually playing. Good job on the Wii Sports Big N!

I’m all for it. Best of 5 match and the first to three overall, $20. I’ll play as both characters on my side.

Wassup KillerKai! I cant play you?? no fair! You havnt even seen my tennis game yet… Let me give you a clue, my tennis game is like my Ironman game. Thy best! :slight_smile:

Cool. I used to play SCTA tourneys from 97-2000. I wanted to play for UCI but I had a wrist injury my junior year in High School when I played for San Marino High.

And Illan, no I’m not playing you. I’m a recently recovered cripple who hasn’t played competitive in 5 years. My tennis game is like my Marvel game after my shoulder injury. The worst.

I’m definatly in. I was wondering if anyone would be into a Wii side tournament. Glad to see a couple people picked up on it.