Wii Stick

I know not many or anybody i have seen yet has done a custom built wii stick. Has anybody opened up a wii controller and mapped out the pcb for signals and grounds ? THe ideal would be to take apart a wii classic controller PCB and map that. Anybody out there did it yet ?


though the grounds aren’t mapped out, you can clearly see the details on the pcb for each button if that helps any

actually the ideal would be to take the guts out of a wii hori fight stick

which I jus happen to have… but for what? TvC?

hardly worth the hastle of building a stick if you ask me

You could use it for VC games, some wii ware games and Samurai Shodown Anthology when/if that comes out. You could also buy the classic linker and hook it up to a gamecube port to play Capcom vs SNK, Soul Calibur 2 or Ikaruga to name some examples (I think Soul Calibur 2 lets you use the D-Pad but I’m not 100% sure).

Using the interior of a Hori Wii Fighting Stick wouldn’t be good because if you already have that then you might as well just mod it with better buttons and Stick, besides it is more expensive than a Classic Controller.

I wish I had the diagram for the Classic Controller PCB too because I want to make an arcade stick for the wii too but Slagcoin.com doesn’t have it yet. You could use the Gamecube PCB instead and it will be almost the same thing but with less buttons (there is only one Z button instead of ZL and ZR) and wired instead of semi-wireless. No Home, Plus and Minus buttons make it less convenient too.

TVC is worth it but I just use the GC cable from the cthlhu.
Question about the wii hori.

How does it hook up to the wii?
Is it common ground?

You could just use a MC Cthulhu but it still wont have + - etc

The Wii Fighting Stick hooks up to the Wiimote in the same ways as the Classic Controller using the same port as the Nunchuck making it “semi-wireless”.

The Cthulhu is another alternative too but it will hook up to the gamecube port instead of the wiimote so you are limited to the length of the cable.

You have a link or something about that? I’ve never heard of it.

N/M, found it. Now I just need to find something that goes the other way…

Play-Asia has them on stock last time I checked and I saw some on ebay too.
Sorry but I haven’t seen an adapter that converts a gamecube controller to classic controller. I think it would be too cumbersome because the Gamecube controller already has a longer cable than the Nunchuck/Classic controller cable and the adapter would have its own cable to hook up to the wiimote.

Thanks for all the replies. The hori would be easier but yer more expensive. I figured if you could get the classic controller less expensive and semi wireless. Thanks peoples.

just go with the classic controller, why would you grab a wii hori?

I got a Wii Hori Fighting Stick for $30 with free shipping on eBay.

Does the Classic Linker work well with the Hori Wii Fighting Stick?

I really want to play SvC EO with something other than a damn gamecube controller.