Wii sticks - Neo Geo Stick 2 or Hori Fighting Stick

G’day guys. With the announcement of the KOF and SS collections for Wii, i’m thinking it’s time to get an arcade stick. Does anyone have impressions of the PS2 Neo Geo Stick? Or the original i guess, if the re-releases have been pretty much identical? And how it compares to the Hori Wii Fighting stick? I’m not concerned about moddability as i already have an all Sanwa stick for PC/PS2.

I’m partly preferential towards the Hori stick because of the 8 button layout, but frankly can’t see many games on Wii that i’d use it with (I’ll play SF on mame etc thanks), so i’m leaning towards the Neo stick, as i’ve never even seen a dedicated one in my whole life! I guess i just want to confirm its build quality and feel - so any impressions?


Have you used the SC2 stick for the gamecube?

Nah i haven’t, nor any of the other cheaper Hori’s like for 360/ps3

The Hori Wii stick feels just like any Hori stick that doesn’t have a JLF in it. It works just fine with SF2/HF. I like it.

Sorry to resurrect old thread, but other than for GGAC and VC games, is there any use for the Hori Wii Stick? Don’t most games that use the Classic Controller use the analogue instead of the digital?

I’m really wondering whether either one connects to the GC controller input. I believe the GC controllers are, like the classic controller, compatible with all virtual console games and some wii titles.

The difference is that the stick then can be used for MAME and playstation games by means of a converter, which is far more problematic when the stick would connect to the wiimote.

the hori is pretty easy to mod. im in the process of rewiring mine to ps2.


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I don’t have a Wii system.

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