Wii tatsunoko vs capcom arcade fightstick mod 360 conversion?

Well I apologizes if there already a post somewhere on the forums about this. But anyway I just ordered two wii TvC fightstick which I’m looking to convert this to the 360 pcb. To be honest I’m not sure where to start and hoping anyone could point me to the right direction. I have looked into lizardlick.com they has some great pcb but I’m not sure what to get or use a old xbox wireless 360 controllers I have to pull apart and start from there… But anyway your help is really appreciated

Oh btw the reason why I order the Wii fightstick because it was cheap at gameshark.com two for 55.00
and I didn’t what to spend much because I’m on the budget and thanks for understand.

Get 360 Mad Catz Street Fighter IV Fightpads and padhack them. *The "padhacking" thread*

Thanks alot bro!