Wii tvc joystick + ps1 pad help


Been talking it over with user FreedomGundam about adding a ps1 pad to a Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom Fightstick, the 5v wii to 3.3 psx controller is a no good.

Should I use 5v to 3.3v resistor or micro switch, another thought is; since the wii wouldn’t be plugged in when using the joystick with ps2 would the wii pcb be fried?

Last thought, 'just leave the wii stick alone?


I thought if you ground the pcbs together and also the 3.3 to the 5v it would be good.


That’s the only part I wasn’t 100% sure of, honestly. I would presume that plugging 5V (from the Wii) into the 3.3 that the PS2 would normally get wouldn’t be good for it?
Or am I just being overly paranoid? :slight_smile:


oh boy, I hope DEZALB’s thinking is clear and good.


I’ve done it many times with a madcatz 360pad and hori t5 ps2 PCB. Never done a Wii but would think its the same . I just double checked and the 360 is 5v so it should work. I tend to like using a terminal strip when it comes to dual mods like this.
Just realize when u mod it this way both pcbs will be powered even though one is in use.

Freedom-I think since both pcbs are grounded together it makes it one circuit and allows the power to pass through without hurting the other PCB not being used. You run into problems when you plug both pcbs in at the same time. Which we all know is a big big no no.


yea a 360 pad is 5volts according to http://www.slagcoin.com/joystick/pcb_wiring.html. Thank you for your help Dezalb and FreedomGundam


I soldered wires to all the connecting points using the method from http://www.slagcoin.com/joystick/pcb_wiring.html I’m using a digital pad H psx. I tested my work using windows gaming device and everything works. Problem is when I connect the ground and wire (start) from a button to the wii’s button the button stays on even when i’m not holding the button on the joystick. I went to basics and detached the wii tvs’s wiring and hooked up the ground and (start) to a button the wiring works I can press a button on the joystick and it works. Any ideas why the button stays on when connected with the wii’s pcb?


I got everything to work, except one button. I did some reading about ground wiring. Found out that the red/purplish/pink color wire, on the 5th wire cord from pcb is my ground wire for all the buttons. Problem is my ZL button stays on, no matter what wire I have hooked up to it. :frowning:


You should post pics of your wiring.



Look up the Pin assignment and break out a multimeter and test the pins out


I thought it was okay to use their wire coloring because I had the same pad they had labeled. Oh well a R1 or R2 isn’t that big of a deal to miss out on I can still play any shmup game with the button configuration I have now. I’ll post a picture once I have the wiring not looking like a commercial of this is your brain on drugs and somone snipping a wire one at a time of something looking like a human brain.


To be honest, check your PS1 padhack. You may have accidentally soldered to the wrong side of the pad if you were using the normal pad. It happens.



I got all the buttons and joystick in working order. Turned out my Circle button was faulty soldering. I had ripped off the connection and had to re-solder as close ad I could to the terminal to get it to work again. I must have mixed up the ZL some how? I also wired the common ground to the X button.

I pushed my wires in to the connectors so I can change a button any time just by taking the casing off or take out the ps2 pcb out anytime I want and have wii only again.

This was my first mod to a joystick. I’ve been so scared to screw, now finally I’ve dropped my balls and modded it anyways.