Wii U Stick Compatibility


I’m aware that MadCatz released a Wii U Arcade stick for the release of Tag Tournament 2. It supposedly functions like the Tatsunoko Vs Capcom stick for the Wii, in that it has a cable that connects to the Wii remote like a classic controller. My question is: Is the Wii U Arcade Stick compatible with Wii Games, like SNK Arcade Classics Vol. 1, TvC, The Samurai Shodown Anthology, etc.?

I’m just asking anyone who owns the stick to try it out on any Wii games that they own to see if it works.


yes, that is the idea.

Anywhere the Tatsunoko Vs Capcom stick works the Wii version of the Tag Tournament 2 TE stick will work.
It is assumed that would this apply with games that are compatible with the classic controller.

The real limitation if you needed both analog sticks on the Classic Controller simultaneously.


Anybody tried the MadCatz WII U stick on the original WII?


Yes, I have the TTT2 Wii U stick and use it on the Wii.


TTT2 stick just registers as a classic controller really. CC will probably be the standard for sticks on WiiU.

That way all you have to do is sync up 2 remotes per console and use them as “controller ports”.


Thanks, guys. You really helped me out. I wonder if it works well with a Mayflash adapter…you know, so I can use it with my PS3 and PC. Oh, well. I guess I’ll find out when I buy it.


Adapters can be problematic. but it’s worth a shot if it’s cheap. Dual modding is also an option.


Wii/Wii U adapters are problematic at best.
Dual-mod is your best shot.


Im getting mine dual modded to work on my PS3 right now, I’ll post pics and whatnot when its done


So if the Wii U stick actually works as a Wii classic controller, couldn’t that be problematic if a developer of a future fighting Wii U title doesn’t add support for Wii controllers?


The mayflash adapter works well with PC/PS3. Except the Z buttons but eh 8 button is dick. http://www.mayflash.com/Products/NINTENDOWiiGC/PC045.html


The new Gamecube controller adapter will probably become standard. MCC already supports Gamecube. Lotta people will have it.

TTT2 will probably never support it. But the other ones better if they ever want anyone to play it competitively.


I doubt it.


But it’s the only wired option on the entire system.


The only issue with the Wii U TE is TvC won’t recognize the L and R buttons. Every other game I tried had no issues.


But TvC is a 4 button game so it’s really not a big deal.


You are also assuming besides the adapter Nintendo would reissue GameCube controllers.

The adapter comes with only one controller, so we have a army of people flooding eBay and amazon for GameCube game pads
which means a rise in demand for a mostly discontinued item.

It be nice if Nindy would reissue the controller, but I also felt they are better off making a clone of the GameCube pad that works on the Wii U without a silly adapter.

Reading the article and watching the video from this link

it really makes me think the adapter is a one-off for the E3 Smash Tournament and not a serious product.


We have no idea what it comes with and you’ve also gotta take into account Gamecube Virtual Console and vWii. It could support those and be a new controller option.

It’s very wait and see but I’m optimistic.


If you are right, this be the first time since the 90s Nintendo cared about tournaments.


They seem to really care about them recently.