Wii U TTT2 Madcatz Stick

Ok, I’m sure that everybody playing Tag 2 is doing so on a 360 or a PS3 but in the interest of sending a message that I would like to see more fighters on the WiiU I bought the game for that system. I just found out that madcatz apparently made a TE-styled stick for the WiiU and I wanted to know if anybody has picked it up? What are your impressions? Is it wireless or is it a “classic controller” input? Can’t find one in a brick and mortar so I want to have some idea of what I’m getting before I buy one. Thanks in advance.

I think it’s a classic controller.

I’m glad I’m not the only one who wants to see more fighters on the Wii U! I bought TTT2 on the Wii U for a similar reason (read: I got suckered in by the Nintendo costumes <_<;).

I’m fairly certain that the Wii U TTT2 stick is functionally identical to the Tatsunoko vs. Capcom sticks released a while ago. While it’s branded for the Wii U, this thing connects to a Wii Remote, and acts like a Classic Controller or Classic Controller Pro, so you can actually use this on the original Wii as well.

If you notice, this stick is called simply a Tournament Edition S, where as the other sticks for TTT2 are labelled as a Tournament Edition S+. They’re virtually identical in every single way, just that the Tournament Edition S+ has a few features over the original Tournament Edition S series (which was used not just for the Wii U TTT2 stick, but also for the SSFIV TE S sticks).

  • The TE S+ has foam padding on the bottom metal panel. The TE S does not.
  • The TE S+ comes with a hex key in the correct size you’d need to open up the top bolts on the stick. The TE S doesn’t.
  • The TE S+ comes with alternative art featuring a “Femme Fatale” design with the girls of Tekken. The TE S doesn’t; it just comes with the standard TTT2 artwork.
  • The TE S+ sticks come with a unique color of bezel and side panels which depend on the system (translucent dark green for the Xbox 360 version, translucent dark blue for the PS3) which currently cannot be purchased from the Mad Catz store. The TE S just has white side panels and a grey bezel, which is a unique color combination that hasn’t been seen before, but both can be bought from the Mad Catz store.

Besides these, both of these sticks are virtually identical. Both models use the exact same case design, have the same weight, use the same Sanwa buttons and joystick, and have the same basic functions (turbo, LS/DP/RS switch, lock switch), it’s just that the Wii U stick lacks the features I listed above, which in all truth are mostly aesthetic anyway. This new Wii U version of the TTT2 stick is BY FAR the best retail arcade stick released for the Wii U, and by extension the Wii.