Wii wireless controller malfunction/quirk. How to fix?

I was playing TvC at a friend’s yesterday and both of us kept accidentally mega-crashing at random points throughout the match. (Mega Crash = press all 4 buttons simultaneously.) We both use the Classic Controller and assumed for a while that we were just mistakenly grazing the right trigger (A+B+C shortcut) every now and then, but this kept happening even after we disabled everything but the 4 face buttons.

After letting the game sit on the main menu for a while, we noticed that the VERSUS mode option would flicker with static for a moment every few seconds at random intervals. Normally, the versus option looks normal if 2 controllers are hooked up and has static when only 1 controller is connected, so we’re assuming that our controllers were somehow randomly dropping in and out, and that this was causing the game to interpret button presses that weren’t actually happening.

This wasn’t happening until late in the day, and it doesn’t happen at my place at all. My first guess would be that some other wireless device was causing interference, but the only other thing in the room that was turned on was his router. What could be causing this and how can it be prevented short of buying wired controllers/sticks?

I’ve had a light, i shit you not, a flourecent light, fuck with my wavebird.