Wii Won't Read Dual Layer Discs


I went to go play Super Smash Bros Brawl to try out Project M, but I kept getting this error message.

And all my other games such as animal crossing, rhythm heaven and super mario galaxy work fine. I went to google this problem and read that my wii lens is dirty and it cant read dual layer games such Super Smash Bros Brawl, Metroid Other M, and the Last Story. I remember this happening to metroid other m few years ago and only working sometimes.

Right now i’m trying this method.
And so far I got to the health warning screen on SSBB, but never got the game to be playable. So I’m wondering if any of you guys got this problem before and were able to fix this. And also what other options I have to fix my Wii. What I don’t want to do is opening my wii just to fix it. I’m just going to keep cleaning my wii lens until my game works

And also if this helps, I had my wii since few months after launch.


The disc drive is dying. Either the laser is going out or the motor is. I have a torn apart wii in my closet that was having similar problems except worse (mine makes a rattling sound and wont play any games). Cleaning the wii will probably only get you so far. Its easiest to replace the whole drive (its only connected by a couple cables iirc), or if you have 2 available wiis you can hack them and have one rip discs to a powered external HDD so the other one can play your library.


Try the Wii Lens Cleaning kit. If all else fails, your only option may be a repair. Call Nintendo at 1-800-255-3700. Since your Wii is 5 years old, the repair will cost $85 plus tax.


$85 dollar repair for something I can get used for about $75 or new for $99?
I wound not bother with repair unless you got alot of Wiiware or Virtual Console titles


I’ll probably try the lens cleaning kit. I rather get a new or used wii if have to send my wii for repair for the same price and I also have $50 worth of wiiware and vc titles. Maybe i’ll just softmod my wii.


Homebrew. HDD load. Discs on Wii? What are you a chump?