Wiimote bandit?


anyone out there get stuck with a wiimote and learn to FIGHT with it? all i had when i started for the longest was a dang wiimote. my wife bought me a controller, but i had been playing with that stupid thing so long that i just stuck with it (in simple mode lol ).

im sure i’ll get some haters but is there anyone else who can dish it out aginst the big dogs with the lamest of remotes? please dont misunderstand, i can use any controller i feel like, but i ddnt want to start all over again to learn all my moves, all my teams and all my timing all over again. it’s a drag. i started using the controller in the training sim, but im still using my wiimote competetivly

i find it more difficult to win against higher level fighters, due to simple modes lack of baroque and mega crush, as well as a flattening of the moves. i can’t select speed or strength. at first i found it maddening, but it’s kind of a fun challenge to me to wiimote with out being a noobtacular spam artist

i guess the trick to not sucking with a wii mote is to think through a fight and avoid spamming attacks, ppl with REAL controllers will own ur face. in case there are some who havnt tried wiimote only on high level fighters, it’s actually MORE difficult to win, because you’ll get stuck in a roll, and as far as i know on simple mode there’s no escape. so you have to calculate all your moves to AVOID getting hit. even blocking is not safe, since one stray hit out of your block zone puts you in a zero roll of death, lol. that puts me safely in the “lightning” catagory :wink: anyway, if your stuck with, or enjoy honorable wiimoting (not spamming :mad:) speak up!

dont be afraid, we’ll get flamed together:woot: