Wiki General Thread


Nowadays i’m bored and I decided to contribute for the SRK Wiki with the old school games,I like to translate some japanese ones,and also compile some information of the best faqs of fighitng games,and then as the final step some frame data and match ups.

If thinks are ok,I like to suggest these steps for a fighting game wiki

1.General Information
2.Wiki Main Page and Category
3.Character pages with movelist and BnB Combos
4.Sprite rips and framedatas
5.Matchups and CMVs links
6.External links

This 2016 i’ll be mading an agenda for some games,I like to made a wiki of 1 game per week at least.


It’s a sad state of affairs the SRK wiki is in the state that it is. I know a guy that tried to get an account to edit the Cyberbots wiki. After a year he didn’t hear anything back, so he decided to start his own despite the existing one already having some good info in it.