Wiki site for Modding?

I threw together a wiki site and was thinking of doing some work to grow it up and have it as a resource for people looking to mod.
The advantage of a wiki over the forums is that you can have one set of instructions, instead of multiple sets over 30 pages of comments. Not looking to replace the forums, but I thought it would be a good way to document, concisely, all the good information people post about how to do mods and repairs…

That sounds great. One resource where I could find PCB diagrams alone would be appreciated greatly, throwing in tutorials for things like LED mods and dual mods, provided everything is kept up well could be really nice.

Others have attempted it the past and failed, including me. I really want yours to go well Brian.

Phreakazoid and myself were only talking about something like this last night. Strange coincidence!

Gahrling, I have the hosted space and already set up a wiki, maybe a group effort will work, I would be happy to chat with you and Phreak about how to pull this off…
Darksakul, It’s a big project
CandianDstryr, Measurements, diagrams, etc all of those things in one place would be good

I’m also going to try and bring the Classic and Mame Crowds to the table.

I know its a big project, thats why I am rooting your you to succeed. I don’t mind contributing in any way I can.

I am also thinking this is a great opportunity to advertise for your shop, if you just happen to have links for parts mentioned to Paradise Arcade and maybe your affiliates.
Example the page that talks about the PS360+ as a link to where you sell the PS360+ .

It would definitely help out in having guides and instructions. However there are number of things we don’t carry… like the Link (not that I’m opposed to carrying it) and I want a comprehensive database.
I think it would be good for things like, How do I use the Sparky with Arc Eyes, or the Remora with Pele’s etc. Also just general concepts, common anode/common cathode, what does common ground mean.

Part of my interest is the modding and putting together some guides for that. But the other side of this is that some may or may not know that I have an extensive collection of classic full sized cabinets, and the knowledge database there is even more spread out.

We really do need a new centralized database of information. Slagcoin can only do so much with dated information

Slag Coin is dated, and many of those PCB guides are old, but the basics are still the same. Case making hasn’t change and Sanwa, Seimitsu, Happ and IL parts have there same specs,(although they have much more merchandise now).

Forums are great for discussion but we don’t need 50 pages on the Sparky PWM when you are trying to install it. Those sites are amazing works, but they are not set up as publicly editable.
My plan was to enlist a few motivated people and contact the owners of some of the repositories that exist to ask permission to just copy the information that is still pertinent. If we can pull all that information into a wikipedia database, then it can be publicly edited and updated.
The other thing that would help is if we had some people willing to comb the guides for new products posted here and pull the pertinent information for a Wiki Entry.
The plan would be to recruit about a dozen people from each community for a month to help build the entries and create some structure before opening it up to the public.

May I throw in a bit of information for the MAME crowd?

First of all, I have an older PC that I inherited from my father who’s a retired physician.
He actually used this computer for work for the last few years he was in practice. It’s still a decent enough machine to play hi-def video as well as handle most of what MAME can throw at it and such… (Not that most retro arcade machines are challenging to today’s PCs – except for the the Sega arcade machines which aren’t documented as well or understood. Model 3 emulation still leaves something to be desired… And the Saturn has only been recently cracked by a Japanese fellow. And you STILL need a top-of-the-line PC to run the best Saturn and Dreamcast emulators at decent speeds.)

I have found that for Nvidia PC’s that the Cthulu PCB’s work really well. I don’t have a specific game or emulator that I currently use that doesn’t detect the Cthulu-equipped joysticks I have and register movements and button presses. Contrast that to the continuing problems mainstream Hori and Mad Catz joysticks encounter. You are forced in many cases to use XPadder or Joy2Stick; the effectiveness of those joystick drivers varies from emulator to emulator, solo program to solo program. The Hori and Mad Catz hardware can be a massive pain to use and I’m very glad for the third-party PCB option here.

Secondly, there is unfortunately a major driver issue that affects Nvidia-equipped PC’s regardless of whether they use AMD or Intel processors. You have to roll back your Nvidia graphics cards to about 2010 (driver specific for videogames; it’s Driver 258 and it’s found here =>

I can confirm the 258 driver works and I’ve had no issues using it with my other emulators, programs, video players, etc. IF you don’t roll back your Nvidia driver, you get a “Blue Screen of Death.” I can assure you all after experiencing the Blue Screen a half-dozen times and wracking my brains (for at least SIX hours!) to figure this out that it’s a driver issue. I used a memory test program to troubleshoot my RAM and no dice there – it’s the driver… and Nvidia STILL hasn’t fixed the problem.

I didn’t experience the problem until recently (I was using MAME 146; upgraded to the latest stable version 147/148?)… Not so sure how it affects earlier versions of MAME but it will get you in the later versions.

As far as MAME Frontends are concerned ==
I am very much from the Mac world and used to GUI’s and HATE command line programs even though Apple’s gotten in on “that act” since OS X was released and more freeware started to flood onto the Mac platform via the Linux community and others using Unix.

I refuse to go back to command lines; I dealt with that crap during my Atari 800 days and it’s very inconvenient unless you’re a total coding nerd or want to compile programs to run on your particular PC/Mac… (Don’t ask me how to compile; I barely got the gists of BASIC during high school and while I can use computers I can’t explain the physics or programming behind them!)

The only Frontend that hasn’t given me fits with MAME is MALA. Even though MALA is somewhat outdated, it’s easy to figure out and fairly reliable. The other Frontends I’ve tried have been frustrating to slog through and just never do the basics of what I want without teeth-pulling involved! MALA is basic but it works!

Great points, hope you will help out with the site!

Hope I can help a little… I’m not much of an engineer and just barely understand some of the basics. Don’t ask me about physics unless it’s more aviation-related (and more specifically about fighters).

My post was just to illustrate a point.

There are VERY good reasons why console gaming is better for the average gamer than PC gaming.
The weakness of open architecture systems is always going to be compatibility issues…
The cost of upgrading every few months or other year also makes a strong case for consoles no matter if they are “technically obsolete” the day they hit market.

The PC is maddeningly buggy in everyday operation and constantly challenges me to find solutions to problems online. It’s unfortunately, by far, the biggest game in town (pardon my pun).

!!(Make no mistake about it, there are things about both MS and Apple that I absolutely despise…! That said, the bugginess of Windows and and behind-the-scenes shenanigans of MS make that by far my least favorite software giant. There are also very creepy things about MS’s founders and more than just a touch of darkness – dare I say outright EVIL there, too… Gates’s obsession with eugenics and population control on the record. Jobs was a jerk too, yes, but the creepiness of Apple’s cultivated cult atmosphere has never been as smothering as MS’s near-total monopoly on PC’s. But that’s beside the topic.)!!

I love the Mac better for just about everything else but it has to be conceded that there are far more emulators and better support for Windoze emulators than there have ever been for the Macintosh OS X/Unix development or not. Even today, with the much better OS X support and Linux porting and so on, Mac-Heads have to be kidding themselves to believe Apple-core will ever loosen up enough to allow desktop Macs to compete better with PC’s. Apple’s more interested now in selling style and must-have mini-gear than they are in extending the market share with their OS X or Mac lines. I understood Apple’s position even if I think they are (perhaps) dangerously neglecting the Mac lines and OS X in particular…

I really don’t bother with MS help files… They are $h!t. On the Mac, I could puzzle out at least half my problems with its Help system – excellent(!) support there without the need to go to the Net most of the time – but Windows just confuses the hell out of me with its so-called Help solutions. I don’t even bother sending info to MS anymore; it’s been more helpful every time to just go online and see if other users have figured out solutions to similar if not identical issues.

I didn’t have to deal with this much crap on the Mac when I was using it more. It’s not even an issue with any console I’ve used.

For all its flexibility and power, the PC is always going to have hardware compatibility problems regardless of the OS… Windows, unfortunately, aggravates the situation far more than it helps to resolve it… and for all its worth, IMHO, I think Windows may be on the way out. The last few versions of Windows after XP have been sales duds for very good reasons, and, like it or not, it looks we’re evolving to an eventual freeware OS. This is how home computing should have developed in the first place! Apple may hang around with OS X or whatever eventually succeeds it when they run out of numbers(!) to put after the X, OR they may survive with a GUI that’s just more stylish than anything the other Unix-based OS’s can provide whether they charge for that Frontend GUI or not. To paraphrase the infomercial pitchman from Robocop, “I’d pay a dollar for that!”

(Did I mention I hate command line software? :slight_smile: )

I am sure many of the existing guides and work logs here on Tech talk can be copied, adapted or even use as source information for the Wiki.
You are more than welcomed to copy any guides I have contributed to.

People upgrade their PC’s every few months to a year? That’s insane, and you’re definitely over exaggerating. I maybe upgrade every 2 or 3 years, and not the whole PC, just a component at a time for whichever is bottlenecking. I also don’t end up suffering a ton of bugs. You seem a bit PC paranoid. I haven’t had problems with Windows ever since Win2k, which was one of my most favorite OS ever. Win7 was also a very big hit, in fact in the light of 8 it still is because people don’t like change. Windows is definitely not out yet, and even if it was, what alternative is there? Linux? Seriously?

Driver problems and hardware incompatibility, man the last time I recall that happening was like… well, I can’t even remember. I think Windows 3.1, I had a few sound card issues, but I chalk that up to my PC at the time being a piece of crap and not capable of multimedia capabilities. Oh, and my graphics chip was 16 colors in Win 3.1 (probably didn’t realize I needed the right driver) rather than 256 like DOS mode. Oh well, what was 14 year old me supposed to know without the internet and just learning about PC by taking it apart and learning that way?

If you research the parts you buy, and buy good stuff and not cheap crap, chances are your PC experience will be much better. I haven’t had a real problem on my PC(s) in ages. Probably the one issue I don’t like is how bloated OS is these days. Not just Windows, but Linux is bloated as well and on top of that doesn’t have any standardization, and after 20 years is STILL and unfriendly turd of an OS. And then there is OSX, excuse me, a glorified front end for Unix, running on PC hardware. Which has its own fair share of bugs and issues, like lack of available software especially in the open source spectrum.

I upgrade to every newest generation video card. as long as its a new card and not just a name change unlike what the 8xxx series is going to be. I spend 500-1000 a year on my pc.

Id help put some up some content as long as everything is well laid out and easy to read. I have my own personal data base i created if I need to reference anything.

Why? I just don’t understand that.

So when are you accepting those who are willing to be moderators or at least contribute to the Wiki?

Any time, Happy to open up access to a few people so things can get started. I wrote Slagcoin to see if we can use that information. I think the first step is going to be collecting resource and permissions to use them. Next step is to create new guides.

I wrote Phreak, but haven’t heard back, I need to hit up 32teeth, Toodles and a few others also.