Wiki Thread (close fierce and standing lk)



I can start working on the wiki, I got approved. What do you guys want on there? I’ll put a couple things I know up there right now.

  • Added an introduction discussing Vega.
  • Added a normals section. Every one of Vega’s normals is up there now (aside from aerials)
  • Added command normals section.
  • Added Focus attack section.
  • Added a Strategy section.
  • Added throw section with Kara throw info.
  • Added Barcelona details, with Izuna drop tips and EX FBA info
  • Added small meterless combo section from the Combo thread.
  • Added EX Combos and my Close Fierce combo list.
  • Added the stuff you see in every SRK Wiki page.

Come on guys! Tell me what you want!


I was saying something similar in my thread on block strings. no one uses Vegas 4th and 5th hard trial combos. they both involve the knee and put u in perfect range to flee away, s. mk, sweep,df hk etc. they r easier to link than his crouching links and have deceptive range


While we’re on teh topic of the wiki, can someone tell me what the hell “pursuit property” means? It’s in the added effects of a bunch of moves in the frame datas for basically every character.


Pursuit property means that those hits are guaranteed if the previous ones hit.


hmm I for one uses

far -> a lot in my games.

  1. It help set up the perfect range on block or on hit. Air throw for jump-ins, a down charge (with the help of for anything coming after the poke string.
  2. It is quite safe as not a lot of moves can reversal at that distance (besides those that hits Vega’s arms and legs)




wow i had no idea you could combo into c. hp. Good to know.


Cr.hp after far lk is a bit more solid than stand hk if the opponent is standing because it has slightly more range than the first part of stand hk for the same damage. I also use it after cl.hp. Look at the frame data!

Also, cr.lp is 4f, so it is just as fast I have no idea why the wiki writer says it is going out of his game, in favor of what? Hit detection into EX BSA, or cr.lp x n, are very solid.


I’m the wiki writer. It is going out of my game in favor of crouching medium kick, which is far better for hit confirmation: it hits low and instead of +4 on hit for a tough 1 frame link its +5, so its more lenient. Way easier to hit confirm into the EX FBA.

EDIT: With that said, did you find the info useful? Is there anything else you disagree with? Anything else you care to add?


Yes, I did find it mostly useful. Some neat tricks I had not picked up from the videos I have been watching. Crouch mk is 8f, so its really a totally different beast when I use it. You have to have your opponent reasonably scared to slip in a crouch mk. Oh, and I think lv2 focus dash forwards is plus frames on block, +1 to be exact.


I just checked, it’s +2. the dash is shortened by one frame when you use it out of a focus.


Just a heads up, the link posted is missing the ending parentheses, it should be

Other than that, great job on the Vega wiki so far.



About Aerial Dominance
Triangle jump mk have the greatest range.
When you think of Air-to-ground, it’s the best and it can be combo into c.lp.

In The “Introduction”,
“Agility” Section.
Add a little something about the KaraThrow.
When you zone, you can walk toward your opponent and surprise them with the range of your throw.
Same use after a poke, do a long block string, then karathrow, when they think you will never reach them. It’s a good way to make them sweat the next time you will walk near them. :lol:

Standing Jab (Far and close):
Combo into RCF lp
Combo out of c.lp

Close Medium Kick
Can Combo into RCF Lp

Close Fierce
Can Combo into RCF Hp.
It’s a good opening for a FADC combo, need a note about that.

Crouching Medium Kick
Combo into c.Hp

Crouching Jab
After a FADC or a dash, c.lp > c.lp > ST Hk, is really good.

Piece of Mercury
"Crouching medium beats headbutts"
Crouching medium only beat non-ex Headbutts.
And Piece of mercury make you jump over some Ultra.
On wake up, i have already jump over a Reversal Nightmare Booster and Abel Ultra.

If you need a video for FACD combos:


Thanks for all the contributions guys. This is just what we need. If we can bring our info together, we can take Vega to the next level.

EDIT: Kurochevsky, I intended for the combos in and out to be confined to normals. The frame data tells you which moves can be canceled into specials and which can’t. I will add the ones you posted, though.

EDIT: I’ll also add Kara Throw details when I work on the Throw section.


What do you mean kara? Are you talking about kara into scarlet terror? If so, enlighten me, because I’ve never heard of that.


I said Kara but it’s not a kara. It’s just like a Kara.
It’s Charge partition:





Soon we begin the tireless work on matchups


Could you maybe add that Vega is in Kara-throw position after a throw or backthrow in the “throw” section?
Also, I have some more Videos you could post into the wiki…

[media=youtube]30L8A60MyUU[/media] (Pierce & Pierce, whitecrowz)
[media=youtube]mowOI1XlQA0[/media] (Kara throw setups, whitecrowz)

Japanese Tutorials: (About the Rolling Crystal Flash) (About Izuna Drop)

Matchvideos: (Balrog (Claw) vs. Abel) (Balrog (Claw) vs. Abel) (Balrog (Claw) vs. Abel) (Balrog (Claw) vs. Balrog (Claw) (Balrog (Claw) vs. E.Honda) (Balrog (Claw) vs. E.Honda) (Balrog (Claw) vs. E.Honda) (Balrog (Claw) vs. E.Honda) (Balrog (Claw) vs. E.Honda) (Balrog (Claw) vs. E.Honda) (Balrog (Claw) vs. E.Honda)

If you’re not a member of nico nico douga, you can simply paste the url here and view it like this:


Wow!! Is this video saying that some characters’ hitboxes shift a bit backwards during focus attacks??

I actually noticed something weird in that regard; this will explain it. I can’t wait to try aiming my Izunas a bit further to the opponent’s back.

Very helpful videos, and also props for the Nico viewer link :wgrin: