I’ve put a ton of junk in Geese’s wiki in my bored moments in front of the computer, so just letting everyone know in case they wanted to look. Only thing that I know of that I didn’t put was alot of the vs. character matchups but I’ll get around to that as I get free time.

Figured I’d make a thread about it in case anyone wanted to talk about it, since posts in the character sections are pretty rare.

Tell me about it.
Hey what do you think about N-Geese?

I think Geese in any groove other than K drops a tier to be honest, I know theres some good N and A Geeses out there but the important matchups like Sagat and Cammy get a ton harder when you can’t JD and breaking guard is so much easier in K. Non K Geese can really get wrecked by certain low jumps too without much he can do.

Added some stuff about antiairing low jumps and added vs Vega section.

It’s all good stuff man. Thanks.

He can stun quite a bit of 70 stun characters also if the are crouching. I posted this before some should put it in the wiki, I don’t have the time. I can barely do anything on Eagle as it is.

Everyone knows Geese can stun Blanka/Sagat with his deadly rave in one combo if they get crossed up when crouching, even when they have full stun. He can also stun all 60 stuncharacters easily. What makes it special about Sagat/Blanka is that they have 70 stun,thats alot of stun for 1 combo.

vs Sagat/Blanka (crouching):

Cross-up mk,,, c.fp xx deadly rave ,, s.fp xx mk jaieken (right before the blast) = DIZZY

vs Vice, Dhalsim, Cammy, Hibki, Rolento and other 60 stun characters:

Cross-up mk, c.lp, c.lp, xx deadly rave ,, s.fp xx mk jaieken (right before the blast) = DIZZY

Well I don’t know if this is common knowledge or not (I didn’t know), but he can stun a hell of alot more people when they are crouching, this is the list so far.

Ryu (shotos?)

I still am finding more people that this combo works on, I couldn’t get it to work on Kyo or Guile for the life of me. The timing is hard on Yamazaki/Chun/Ryu, the key is to chain the lights attacks as fast and precise as possible, otherwise this combo is easy, and makes Geese a hell of alot scarier.

must be crouching:

Cross-up mk,,, c.lp, xx deadly rave ,, s.fp xx mk jaieken (right before the blast) = DIZZY

This combo works on all characters listed, I’ve done it myself.

Also, I found Blanka can be standing and get dizzed.

Fantastic write-up.