WikiPad (Gaming Tablet)




The Wikipad will be marketed toward gamers; in fact, the way you’ll be able to get one is through GameStop, which today began accepting pre-orders for the $499 tablet previously showcased at the GameStop EXPO in Texas.

It will feature physical controls including two analog sticks, a D-pad and buttons. These controls aren’t found directly on the surface of the 10.1" tablet itself, but instead built into a detachable controller peripheral which the tablet docks into.

The 10.1" Wikipad features a 1280x800 pixel IPS display, a 1.4GHz NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor and 1GB memory, 16 or 32GB of onboard storage (expandable via MicroSD), and WiFi communication with optional 3G. The Wikipad’s gaming content will be bolstered with support for streaming titles from Gaikai (which was recently acquired by Sony) and PlayStation Mobile.

According to Wikipad CEO James Bower, the goal of the Wikipad tablet is to introduce a device which will help bridge the gap between Android tablets and trusty ol’ game consoles. Meanwhile the decision to sell it exclusively through GameStop is backed by claims from GameStop’s VP of mobile business Joe Gorman that the retailer is fast becoming a destination for tablets given the “real success” of products like the Asus Prime and Nexus 7 at its stores.

source: neoseeker


Fucking horrible. No sane person would buy this especially when real handheld consoles already exist. I see this going the way of many others that attempted to infiltrate the handheld market against Sony and Nintendo. That’s right, Sony will beat out Sony. It will last MAYBE 3 months.