Wild Wednesday at Buffalo Wild Wings Torrance California (Weekly Events)

Primetimegamers will be hosting Wednesday Night tournaments at Buffalo Wild Wings in Torrance California. Next week we will be starting our 3 week Ranbat season that will have a guaranteed bonus payout.

This week we will have a 16 man double elimination tournament and the entry fee will be $5, all monies will go to the tournament pot.

Tournament Starts 7pm( Casuals After the tournament)
Bring your own Controller

Entry Fee $5
1st 70%
2nd 20%
3rd 10%

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Wassup A-1. I’m not sure if Wednesday is a good idea because of UCLA RanBat and WNF.

I took these pictures for Bmarq and his Button Mashers event, but it looks like you’ll need it too.

Buffalo Wild Wings:

Inside Buffalo Wild Wings:

On the left, the AMC Parking Lot (and more Parking Lots across the street):

On the right, Johnny Rockets, Lazy Dog Cafe, P. F. Chang’s, Jerry’s Restaurant & Deli, and BJ’s:

Explore Joon Byun

Around Del Amo Fashion Center:

Other side of Del Amo Fashion Center:

Half a mile North from Barnes & Noble:

More pics coming soon.


Wednesday’s getting super crowded. :[

Yeah too many events on wednesdays… cool event you’re running though. :slight_smile: THUMBS UP!!! Make them Thursday nights!!! :stuck_out_tongue: