Wildcat's 5-Year Anniversary Contest!

Hey all…it’s been a long time since I’ve shown myself around these parts. My apologies. It’s good to see some familiar faces (rook, Dreaded Fist, chainWHORE). For those who don’t know me, I’ve been a member here since '01, but I haven’t posted much in recent years. I’ll try to post a little more often. ^^

My website, Wildcat Online, has been going for nearly 5 years. O_O It’s pretty crazy…time can go so fast. I’ve had a ton of fun with this site, and I can hope that people do come and visit on a somewhat regular basis. ^^;

Anyway, I’m holding an art contest (much like ones of year’s past) to celebrate 5 years of being online. And this year, I’m actually going to offer up a physical prize!..sort of. It’s a $10 Anime Castle gift certificate, but it’s physical. :stuck_out_tongue: I’d do more, but I don’t make a ton of money, alas. Anyway, here are the rules:

  1. Entries are due on August 13th. The anniversary is on Aug. 6th, but I got a later start on posting this up than I planned, so I delayed the contest a week.

  2. Hand-drawn or computer drawn images are both fine.

  3. No hentai and the like. :stuck_out_tongue:

  4. The art does not have to be colored, if the artist so chooses.

  5. Art will be judged by me after all entries are recieved. My fiance may enter, but she is exempt from getting the prize (although I love her greatly!).

  6. To submit an entry, you can do so in this thread. Also note that you can submit more than one entry. ^^

  7. There are 6 different categories you can choose from to submit art for. By categories I mean 2 individual games, 2 gaming companies and my comics. All categories will be combined when I judge the pieces.

  8. The winner will recieve a $10 Anime Castle Gift Certificate, which I will mail to them after I get the winner’s address. I will then discard the address.

The 6 categories are Skies of Arcadia, Tales of Symphonia, Nintendo (Fire Emblem, Legend of Zelda or Metroid preferred), Capcom (Street Fighter, Rival Schools or Resident Evil preferred), or either of my webcomics on my website. I have handy reference material on my site which can be viewed here.

Post your entries or questions below. ^^ Good luck, everyone!

sounds fun man. I’ll post my entry soon.

I’d like to join for the sake of joining (I don’t think I’m interested in the prize, I’m too far away), but I think that I’m not good enough

That is no reason not to try. ^^ Give it a shot. I personally haven’t seen your work, so I’m curious as to how it looks, and I do hope you reconsider. Besides, practice makes perfect. ^^

http://photon-shermiefan.deviantart.com :B I’ve got stuff in the KOF thread in this forum as well (not updated as I’m busy and the proposed schedule gone to heck but I hope to up some new stuff).

But you’re right. There’s no growth without practice, no progress without effort, so I’ll give it a try. ^_^;

Friendly bump reminder - There’s only 2 weeks left before the end of my contest!

4neqs - I took a look at your site a while ago (but became too busy to post, my apologies), and you certainly have some potential. Don’t look down on your craft, otherwise you may not find the will to progress. Keep practicing! :slight_smile:

hey (l)ildcat, long time no see, how’ve you been? Was wondering who or what is birdman?

Hola, Crow. Long time no see indeed. I’m quite well. ^^ I take it you were reading my comic, eh? The Birdman is a original character inspired by the Our Lady Peace song of the same name. He’s not Hanna-Barbera’s Birdman. :stuck_out_tongue: He’s a strange engimatic character. I haven’t decided if he’s going to be deeply involved in the plotline of the comic, but he’s critical to the idea Shi and April come from. I hope you’re doing well yourself, my friend.

Just noticed you said you have a fiance in one of the pictures, I might’ve read wrong but congrats. Did you have any pics of Birdman? Couldn’t find any at your site.

Yes, you read right. Thanks. The Birdman isn’t on my site, nor do I really have any solid art of him on my computer yet. He’s a design I’m still tweaking. When I get a better sketch of him done I’ll PM it to you or something. ^^

Ok, thanks.

Bump - Entries will be due tomorrow evening at 8 P.M. pacific time. I’ve also discovered that Anime Castle only does $25 gift certificates. O_O I can’t afford that, alas, so I’ve switched the gift certificate over to Barnes & Noble. They sell more than just anime, anyway, so those who like music, movies or books will find something beyond Japanese items. :slight_smile:


Wow, DF, very impressive. A solid pose, your own style works well with Vyse, and some nice linework. Very nice. Thanks a bunch! I’ll post up the results of my contest when I get time to mull over it a bit. ^^

I’m late to this party, but still wanted to give DF some props on the pic. nice job. :tup: Glad to see you’re still around wildcat. congrats on the fiancee too. I’ll check the site out later on. keep on doing what you’re doing.


Sorry it took so long to post up the results. School kicked in and I’ve got a pretty big load of reading to do. Anyway, Dreaded Fist of the Shoryuken.com boards is the winner of my 2006 contest, but he did have some tough competition. ^^ Thanks also to Bacon McShig of the Got-Next boards and Samus ZERO of the NinDB boards for your entries! All of them were really good, and choosing a winner was not an easy decision to make.

DF - PM me your address so I can ship the card to you. ^^

Starhammer - Thanks! I love her very much. Good to see another familiar face. ^^

I’ll try to post some art up in the near future (gasp)…I haven’t hosted a lot of fan art recently.

hey thx for having the contest, (|)ildcat. I just pm’ed you my address.