WildStar™: Latest MMO from Carbine! Cause we needed more virtual crack


I made sure that I searched before making this but, wanted to get a thread started in case there were other people that were interested in the game or will be playing. It’s still in Open Beta if you want to try it out before purchasing. So, if you wanna check it out: http://wildstar-online.com/en/ And check out the WildStar YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/user/WildStarOnline) to see other videos I haven’t posted here. Let’s do this shit:

Gameplays/Dev Speak:



Classes: - More info here: In-depth info.


Factions/Races: - More info here: Extra info.


Screenshots: - More here: WildStar Media.






I tried to reserve the name Shoryuken, but, it seems like it was taken. Dunno if someone from here reserved it (you can reserve your name/guild name at the moment if you pre-ordered). So… Fuck yeah, new MMO bandwagon! :tup:


wildstar? I came in expecting pics…but

edit: dat thread title change…lol


This looks pretty cool, how much is the monthly?


They give you two options you either A: Pay the standard like $15/monthly bullshit or reduced prices for the longer subscriptions or B: You can buy it with in-game currency from players, in case you just wanna grind for gold and not have to pay real money.


I am preordered and ready to launch.

I love the Ratchet and Clank design.


Same. I’m so excited to play. I hope more SRKers are playing so we can be on the same server. Raids look fuckin’ awesome. The art style had to grow on me. I was originally “eh” about it, but, now, I think it’s pretty awesome. Plus the game play is fluid and fun.


I played a few hours in closed beta to get a feel of it to see if I wanted to play it more. Haven’t played much since then, considering they’re wiping everything before the early launch. Wanted to make sure I didn’t get attached to a character that wasn’t permanent. :rofl:


Anyone have a guest pass for this? Looking to see how it runs on my computer before buying.


This game’s combat system is crack cocaine. I wish WoW would steal telegraphs and the Limited Action Set idea.


God i gave never gotten so bored from an mmo so quick. I think i got to level 16 that shit was so bland and lame. The concept is fantastic but the progression is so slow i was still using the same two skills i had at level 1. No real idea of what was really going on in the story entered a zone where there was a Pacific rim robot stuck fought some shit went into a spaceship or something fought more shit then went back and blew up the robot… What that had to do with anything going on got me even more confused but really what through me off was the lack of usable skills and effects. I had other skills but they did 50% less dmg so it was pointless. Either way never even paid the subscription and im glad since i also just dont have the time to invest in an mmo and i dont wana get sucked into an mmo. All that said all this did was make me want to play wow.


@Hollowblade: Well it is still an MMO, so lolmmo and whatnot.

I’m curious where you feel WoW beats it. Not to try and convince you otherwise, mind you.


I like the lore and feel of wow much more note this is before they fucked up their work and did that cataclysm nonsense but the skills in wow felt alot more fun. The animations in wow look alot better to me , everything is really bouncy in wildstar and the way quests worked to me at least is better in wow. I find the combat in wild star will favor some classes over others. Casters i feel will get destroyed in pvp because they have to stop and cast. Note i was playing the caster class tuat uses the illusions and having to stand still AND aim my spell made me miss sometimes even against ai mobs. I already hate wow pvp with a passion since its who has no life more who wins because gear plays such a big role i cant imagine having to fight a warrior who can. Just rofl run around you while you try to aim. I never did pvp nor did i research it in wildstar so i dont know if what im saying is sprouting out of my ass but im using my play experience as a base i will say i like the art style of wildstar (does not count animations) but the whole lazer guns and space i had a hard time with since i prefer my elfs n orcs mmos over semi sci fi mmos. Also the speed at which you leveled through me off. I get home at 6pm and need to sleep around 11pm so time is an issue i liked how wow was easy to level the early levels when say burning crusade was released ( it didnt affect me back them but now its a godsend.) i looked at wow recently and it looks like it doesnt just hold your hand it full on just carries you so i dont know if i like that. But i want to go back to what i feel was the prime time of wow in wraith of the litch king. Lol there you go my reason for not liking wild star. I would also still be playing ff14 if it wasnt for the game runing out of content to level up around level 44 making it a 100% grind from 44-50