Will 3s be anything better if

will 3s be anything better if …genei jin , seiei enbu , total destruction , tengu stones , and makoto’s power up will go ‘deactivated’ when got hit by opponent when it was activated ?

Would the game be REALLY GOOD if it was BALANCED OGM!!!1?

It wouldn’t really change the tiers…no. They would just have to work a little harder to make sure they don’t get hit during those supers. By harder, I use that term very loosely when it comes to Yun/Yang and Oro. It’s very hard to hit them during those supers to begin with. Makoto’s power up super is one of the worst supers in the game any ways. Just turtle until her bar runs out and then fuck her up when she has no more bar. Total Destruction…Q is fucking low tier what the hell are you even bringing that up for. :lol:

geneijin is the only broken super in this game =\

Genei Jin, I can understand where your coming from. Seiei Enbu?, I dunno about that seeing as it’s not all that much damage taken off if you get hit by it anyway. The damage isn’t gauranteed unless you get a set-up like Genei Jin but even then if your doing the semi-unblockable, they can still block it. Like DevilJin said, yea…don’t know why you included Total Destruction. Don’t play Oro so don’t know jack about tengu stone super. And Makoto I think could do some serious damage if you get some hits in but like the Seiei Enbu, it’s not gauranteed damage. And isn’t there already a topic about what changes could be made to make the game more balanced?

well i see …

Oro wouldn’t feel the change at all, really. EX SAIII is only used after a launch, and regular SAIII is just used for chip damage through block strings.

Makoto’s super doesn’t allow her to block, so it’d kinda suck on both ends. If the opponent lands a hit, he doesnt take hard damage, but he cant rush her down, and makoto can now block after, just with no meter.

Do you all get rocked by Yun all the time or something? I will say that GJ is the best super, but GJ doesn’t put Yun at some God tier above every other character. He isn’t unbeatable. I also don’t think I’m going out on a limb when I say Yun is a lot harder to learn and play than ken, chun, makoto.

I don’t really think Yun becomes unbalanced until top level play. If you are an average skilled Chun player fighting an average skilled Yun player, you’ll probably beat Yun simply because the difficulty of execution in Yun compared to Chun.

When you get to top level of play where people have just about taken their character to the limits, make few mistakes, and have flawless execution-- Yeah, then GJ probably affects the game (though its not game breaking). I’m going to wager that for most players, this game isn’t so terribly unbalanced.

I just don’t understand why he brought up Q and Makoto’s supers. Oh and yes, Yun is only truly devastating in the hands of someone who effectively utilizes him. Yun doesn’t break the game but he comes hella close at top level play. Genei Jin just has too much going for it at that kind of level of play. You basically have to outsmart a high level Yun player to win. Outside of his low defense there’s not much else you can capitalize on. All he has to do is runaway and build meter and once Genei Jin is ready, you just have to let him rip and wait it off. Only if you catch a blatant mistake during the Genei rush can you punish him.

I don’t see most Yun players as true “run away” Yuns. You’ll build meter faster by getting a few hits, even if those hits are blocked. Yun’s normals don’t have the best range or priority (excluding palms) but you’ll be a pushover for ken, ryu, akuma, etc. if they rush you down. If you lock Yun down in the corner, he will eat a lot of damage. If that yun players wants out of the corner, he will either have to try something dangerous like throwing or parrying. A more safe way is EX NishouKyaku (upkicks) which basically means you blew any meter you built running away.

Most good Yuns seem to be more oppertunist than straight run away. You’ll attack knowing it will be blocked. You’ll take advantage of your oppenents mistakes and get a knock down so you can build more meter. After you get your first GJ and combo out of it, you’ll have an okay chunk of meter, and you’re opponent will most likely down in the corner. Right here is where you have the freedom to run away and build meter, or put pressure on your oppenent since they are in the corner and you are on your way to GJ #2.

I think what bothers players is the lack of continuity of Yuns play style from his normals to his GJ. When Yun is outside of GJ, he is playing more defensively and is really just a mid-tier character with his average normals. Then all of a sudden GJ comes on and Yun IS on offense. I don’t know if thats the best game design, but that is the way it is.

Probably better balance would be to reduce GJ damage, make the meter slightly longer, and give Yun better normals. I don’t know how much balance people really want though. I think a lot of times people wouldn’t consider the game balanced until “thier” character was the best.

If they do that, I hope they increase the speed at which the bar decreases after activation. Otherwise, you’ll get even longer GJ combos. Mind you, the damage scaling would reduce the pain of longer combos, but it’d still suck getting juggled for 20+ hits.

… so when is SF4 coming out?

next year …

yun do not run away to charge meter …

yun beast people at the corner with throws and his chain combos , dives , fake jumpins etc etc …

and he got a 80% meter by just doing that for 5 to 8 seconds …


Yun is able to apply pressure to most characters while charging gineijin, which is an extremely short meter. When Gineijin is active, the whole round changes, and the oponent is pretty much forced into defending. And when FINISHING gineijin, you can build up to half a meter before they are able to get up.

Definitly needs some sort of fix. Not the other supers tho.

From my perspective, doing that would actually decrease the quality of 3rd Strike. I like the comfort of being able to continue my genei-jin if I fuck up and get hit. Hmmm, well sometimes, I do like to have to work to keep my power-up super going… An option in the system direction to toggle power-up deactivation on/off would be nice. How’s that for a solution?

when you’re done your schooling.


hey guys

be better if…they take out Ken, Akuma & Genei-Jin

there’s no problem with akuma >> .
akuma is like … a gamble … gets a sweet reward or bad punish >