Will a PC read the ps360+ output as a Xbox Controller for non-fighting pc games?

When i plug it into the pc, will the pc auto detected it as a 360 controller, or will I have to toggle the 360 controller output? I ask because there are certain sidescroller games that are Xbox Controller Compatible like Shantae and Bloodrayne that work great with my Razer Atrox Xbox One stick. But my Qanba Q1 ps3/PC arcade stick is unrecognizable. So I need to know if the PS360+ will work with these games. Please and thank you.

Make sure you plug your controller in before starting up the game
Also you have to often go into the game’s settings and manually set up the game for a game pad or stick

that is not what I’m asking. Heres a better why to put it. Does the PS360+ output a signal that Xbox Controller Compatible pc games acknowledge? I know street fright 4 and emulators will work with it. But I need to know if other games (not fighting games) that only use keyboards and Xbox Controller will be Compatible with it. I don’t have a PS360+, or I be testing this out my self. If it doesn’t work with them, then I don’t need to buy a PS360+.

I know, I been ignoring it intentionally.

I find its easier to use PNP Hid class controllers over Xbox 360 controllers, as Xbox 360 controllers you still have to install the drivers but PNP Hid class you just need Windows to detect the device and do its thing.
They are an older class of drivers but they are also more universally accepted.
If you have a PS360+ you have the options of Xbox 360 mode or PS3 mode (which just happens to be PNP Hid class)
Also the Qanba Q1 ps3/PC arcade stick has a terrible PCB and should not reflect how PS3 controllers are.

Street Fighter 4 PC versions (plural) has a history of having issues with game controllers.
Emulators vary, but they need manual set up.

if you don’t have a PS360+ and you are primarily a PC gamer, the PS360+ is a waste of money.
If you want to go cheap get the ZD PCB but you be waiting on shipping.
I rather go with the Cerberus or Cthulhu which I feel are much superior boards and they work on PC perfectly.

Games that only use keyboards will only use keyboards, end of story, Xbox controllers would never work. Well technically you could use software like xpadder or joy2key.
But I like to avoid using them when ever necessary.

It’s a yes or no answer.


No it isn’t

And don’t flag people as spam if they are giving out useful info, especially retroactively.

You can hold 2p while plugging it in to force 360 move on pc.

I got in contact with Akishop customs and they were extremely helpful and answered all my questions directly. Very top notch interaction.

Less can be said for Troll Vader, who I’ll be ignoring from this point on for being a roundabout troll.

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I like how how you’re calling someone else a troll for actually giving out useful information.

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To be fair, all anyone needed to say was HOLD Y/Triangle to force 360 mode. All of the other stuff was irrelevant.
Wish I got here sooner.

Interesting to see this discussion. I was trying to use my ps360 stick to play some mame and couldn’t get it to be recognized by ‘keysticks’, an application that works on the stock xbox360 madcats te1 that I have. Need to experiment more with holding 2p/ Y to force the mode maybe…

no need to “experiment,” just hold the button while plugging in and it works lol

if you ask me getting a PS360+ for primarily PC play is kind of wasteful.

So many perfectly good choices for half the price.

he’s already got the damn thing so just answer his question lol

He was asking prior to picking up the board. His question was if the board output as a 360 controller for games that have controller preferences or defaults set for 360 controllers (most arcade steam games, for example). It was a pretty straightforward thing to answer. Yes, it can act like a 360 controller. No it doesn’t autodetect that way on PC, it’s a forced mode, as Vicko said.

I take back that part but I’m willing to bet he’s not the soldering, pad hacking type, so this will be his best bet.

The PS360+ not requiring soldering was a key decision factor for me a few years ago. :slight_smile:

Basically this was my first arcade stick, and I wanted to make sure I got it right. And the whole point of the question was coding can be finicky, and a straight answer was all that was needed. I got the ps360+ and finish my mod. And I’m super happy with it. I mostly use it on my PC and dreamcast. ( Which the Xbox 360 mode was very important because there’s a lot of sidescrollers you can only use a Xbox Controller for, making it a critical point of whether or not I would have to dual mod.) And the ability to play with my friends on their Xbox360 or PS1/2/3/4 has been great as well. I also got the joy box converter so I can play on Gamecube , Wii and the Wii U smash brothers game. There is a slight lag on the 360, but it’s basically a difference between a wired and wireless guitar controller. Its nothing you can’t work around.