Will a projector lag with XBOX 360 games?

I’m interested in purchasing a projector for the gigantic screen size, but I’d like to have it not lag for the forthcoming VF5 and ST: HD Remix, since I intend to whore those games to death.

Projectors shouldn’t lag with old 2D games on the Dreamcast or PS2 (like MvC2 and PS2 3s), right? :confused:

Is a projector going to lag? If it is, I’ll just cave in and just buy a large LCD HDTV…:wonder:

No lag at all

as long as the games and consoles you use support the native resolution of the projector, you will be fine. basically, i probably wouldnt recommend ps2 and xbox1 on an hd projector. unless the games support 480p, then you “MIGHT” be ok