Will a PS1 pad hacked custom stick work on PS3 with a USB adapter?

A few years ago I built a pretty sweet custom stick - Happ components, hollowed out Hounduran Mahogany case - that runs of a hacked PS1 controller board. The pad is pre-dual shock; it has no analogue.

I’m a fighting fan and I’ll be picking up a PS3 pretty soon. My question is: given that the original pad circuit board is so ancient, will this stick work on PS3 with a PS/USB converter, or do I need to hack a PS3 controller and re-solder the guts?

Any ideas? Your comments are appreciated.

Check the controller adapter thread. The best on is the Pelican but is very hard to find and are super expensive on Ebay.

I took a look before I posted. All the comments seemed to reference PS2->USB adapters…not sure if those comments apply to a PS1 controller.

Any ideas?

All of those are compatible with PS1 PCBs, since those are what people actually use for custom sticks.

Although some of the adaptors require you to have an analog button, which if you dont have a dual shock PCB you wont have. This was the nice thing about the pelican one as you didnt need the analog button.