Will a PS1 PCB lag on PS3?

I have a pad-hacked stick with a PS1 PCB, I was wondering if it would lag if used on PS3 with a converter?

Depends on the converter, but for most it shouldn’t be significant.

im using a random converter from dealextreme and its lagging quite badly.

It really depends on the converter, the ps2 to PS3 USB sold on eTokki(works with most PS1 PCBs) I understand is very reliable .

Plenty of people still use the Namco joystick to play fighters – event at tourney’s.

The eTokki converter is the most reliable one by reputation.

The problem with PS1/PS2 converters is that they seem to go out-of-production quickly. And then there are the problems with some converters not keeping pace with Sony OS revisions for the PS3.

The eTokki and Toodles’ Cthulu series of replacement PCB seem to be weathering the constant updates to the OS well, though. Can’t say that for at least 2/3 of the converters out there. There’s a whole thread on the PS3 converter issues linked to through of the FAQ’s the moderators list at the head of the Tech Talk forum.