Will a Seimitsu stick shaft fit on a JLF?


Hey guys,

I’m modding my TE2 and I was wondering if anyone knew if this would fit onto it? I’m really wanting transparent purple shaft and dustwasher. Any help would be appreciated!


Yup but you have to cut a bit of the inside out. Just stick a pair of scissors into the bottom of the shaft cover and turn the shaft until you remove enough plastic to fit the jlf or just use a drill.


Thanks for the info! Gonna go ahead and order now.


You realize that ‘with a drill’ he means to use the drill bit piece on its own and NOT with the power device??? Do NOT use the power accessory/hand lever at all because this is thin plastic and will heat up very quickly and melt easily! You have to turn the drill bit manually to shave the inside of the shaft cover out. Small metal file pieces can also be used to thin out the shaft cover to fit the JLF.

I’ve done this type of mod before BUT it was to mod JLF shaft covers to fit the LS-32 shaft. In that case, I always used metal file pieces to perform the mod because the drill bits I have available will not fit or work safely with the plastic parts. Now that Seimitsu is actually making shaft covers for the LS-32 the point is moot so long as you only want to use a black shaft cover. The mod itself takes the better part of an hour to perform and is really only practical with plastic parts and NOT the metal/aluminum shaft covers.

Honestly, unless you’re dead set on the specific color you want to use, there’s no reason to order and mod a Seimitsu LS-40/LS-55/LS-56/LS-58 series shaft for the JLF. There are tons more color options available for the JLF. Your options from the Seimitsu stock shaft covers are much more limited. It makes much more sense to buy aftermarket JLF-compatible shaft covers from Sanwa, Qanba, Mad Catz or the aluminum shaft covers than it does to mod a Seimitsu part.


Seimitsu were the only manufacturers I saw that provided transparent purple shaft covers which is why I wanted them. My day job is as a Dental Lab Tech, so I definitely have some awesome tools that I can use to shave the inside out. I’ll probably use a tool that polishes acrylic, because that will shave it while also making sure it remains shiny and clear.


The only thing that will prevent it from fitting is a little lip on the inside of the widest part of the cover. I just use a dremel cutting tool to remove this. No need to polish it or anything. That part will be below your panel anyway.