Will a TvC Arcade Stick with on a 360?

I am completely new to owning a fightstick and this will be my first. I also purchased a Wii classic controller to PC converter and I’m wondering if I can plug it into my 360 instead. If not, is there a relatively easy way to make it work?

Soldering. Contact gummowned or go buy a fightstick somewhere else. It wont work on your 360.

I’m sorry but after soldering it should work just fine right?

No it will not. You will need to dual mod the stick with a 360 pcb like the madcatz fightpad. In doing so, it will also be playable on the pc (since the 360 fightpad works on pc) so you wouldn’t need that converter anymore.

Okay then, thanks for the answers

I was meaning to solder the fightpad. Sorry for the confusion.

Yes, thank you. I’ve cancelled my order already. Thanks for the help.