Will Alpha glitches be banned in HSFA tournament play?

Now that the 1st wave of banning shit has happend in hsfa with CE-ism being ban at evo will all of the fuck up glitches in every Alpha game be allowed in hsfa? Sodom’s unblockable, sagat’s unblockable, rose unblockable are going to be allowed in tournament play? I was wondering, because I think people need to prepare for evo the correct way. We also need a set of rules/tournament standard of play for hsfa since it a new game. Will this be a work in progress or are the evo rules the law from now on?:confused: :wink:

Heres something are sodom unblockable, rose unblockable even in HYPER? Sure there in alpha if you play, but im just going by what ive played. I only played the game for a bit and just messed with guy and guy in hyper deffintly doesnt have his redizzy combos or anything like that when I played. Now alpha it self is a diff story. So maybe in hyper it self those unblockables dont work? I didnt get to try…

Though to say if they do work, no they shouldnt be banned. And banning them would be stupid.

they were never banned in old tourneys i doubt they will be now.

IIRC, HSFA characters in their various modes all comply to the individual dipsets you have on each game… so for instance, if you have your alpha dipsets set where guy CAN redizzy, then he can in HSFA… and vice versa, etc.

I tried that… Didnt work guy couldnt redizzy even though all that combo stuff was set to. As a matter of fact you cant even do the redizzy combo period as you arent close enough to link the stand fierce after the roundhouse when playing in hyper when I tried.

What is the sagat unlockable?

I noticed stuff similar to Guy with A1 Rose. You used to be able to do cr jab, cr short, cr roundhouse, lv1 soul spark, lv1 soul thro in the corner, but I havent been able to connect it yet in HSFA. It almost seems like the fireball hits too fast or something. It could be that the speed is making a difference in the way I input the commands, but when you look at it, it looks like she doesnt recover fast enough from the soul spark…


^ thanks!

Hrm… looks like a lot more than Sagat have unblockables.

But isn’t this for A1 only? Are these dipswitches the same in HSFA?

I thought that the characters in HSFA defaulted to the latest version of each character from each game? Hence, no Guy redizzy, no Sodo unblockable, all the A3 characters are in Upper mode, etc.

From what i’ve seen if you change the original game it will carry over into the hsfa mode. If not just hold start when you pick options and cut on all of the stars.:looney: