Will any of you drop this game?


Okay so here me out, MVC Origins is coming out in september and I don’t know about you but iv’e always felt when it comes to the MVC series MVC1 and 2 blow MVC3 out of the water. Now ask yourself before you rant about how stupid I am why you are playing MVC3 when there are better games like MVC1 coming out to XBL. In an ideal world people would Drop MVC3 for 1 but I guess people would rather play a NEW mediocre game than an old amazing game. Which leads me to my last conclusion, don’t just play a game because everybody else is playing it and it’s new, play a game that you feel has good mechanics and you enjoy playing.

PS. For anybody who wants to get good at MVC1 and money match next year at evo 2013 i’m waiting for you.


is this a question or a statement


Hmmm…uhm…i dont get it…you know that you can play more than one game on your console? Just asking…


This topic is useless. Marvel vs Capcom 1 is decent compare to Marvel vs Capcom 2. I play what’s good and what isn’t. No one is a follower.


I play games that I enjoy, not because other people play it. I played it with TVC when the scene died after it appeared at EVO.


Two entire different games, also… yeah a console can run multiple games.