Will any USB headset work for ps3?

If i go buy a usb headset will i be able to hear voice chat + in game sound?

So during the late hours I can play with no volume on the TV and still be able to hear everything through the headset.

ohh i forgot to mention that someone from another forum told me that some USB headsets will only allow me to hear the voice chat and not the in game sound.

I thought that was weird so i decided to ask here.

Yes, any USB headset should work.

As for the voice chat vs in game sound, it usually depends on the game.

For the same price or less than a USB headset, you can use a standard bluetooth headset. The one I have recharges using the same USB mini-B connector the sixaxis uses for recharging.

Yeah that Sony PlayStation branded bluetooth is marvelous, I love the ability to set it in the dock and just use it as a desktop mic, Its damn wonderful.

well i wanted a headset that i could use for both ps3 and pc

k i just received a msg from the guy in the other forum…he says that ps3 only relays voice chat through usb…and to hear the in game sound i’d have to plug a headset into the t.v.'s 3.5mm

Can someone confirm this?

That sounds right.

IMO, the only way you could do better would be to splurge for a more expensive headset from someone like Plantronics.

I actually own a plantronics bluetooth as well, and that Sony one is way better suprisingly, Throughout the entire MAG beta as a squad leader I received countless messages asking what headset I was using because I was so crisp and clear. I basically got more quality for 30 dollars less, but that’s my opinion of course.

I have the Sony headset as well, sound is great. It’s uncomfortable after a while though.