Will anyone be at East Coast Throwdown this weekend?

Just curious if there were any other Vega players that were gonna be coming out for it. This’ll be my first time entering any tournament ever, so if anyone has any tips that’d be pretty cool too. But if anyone here is actually going, I’d love to meet up and get some games in so I can try and improve my Vega game.

Yea I will be going. I was hoping I wouldn’t be one of the only ones lol. My tourney name is Mr.Beautiful. I’ve been to a couple tourneys local only but I’m sure the effect is similar. The desire to not look like a scrub is overwhelming and it makes you nervous. Play plenty of casuals to get the jitters out but try to win without revealing everyrhing in your arsenal. Maybe we can meet up and talk vega tech. What’s your tourney name?

Sweet! I registered under the name Alex S. You can find me in the pool listings on the ect website, I got stuck with Ricky Ortiz in my Marvel and SFxT pools. I’d definitely love to meet up and talk some Vega, though I’m not entirely sure how helpful I’d be.

Lol do your best, my friend got stuck with Dimenion in his pool. I’m not sure who I will be put with I have to do the emergency registration the day of. But I will seek you out for sure and we will talk Vega.

Thanks dude. Also perhaps not the place for this, but if you or anyone you know needs a hotel room for Saturday/Sunday night, I’ve got a bunch of spots that opened up in mine.

I will keep that in mind and mention it to my friends. If I need to get in touch with you I will msg you here or something lol. Not the best way to communicate but it will have to do.