Will anyone here look at this?


I posted at other forms and it seams like noone cares so i’ll post here in hopes of people replying… Ok tell me what you think about this picture it is a pic of one my characters Kurin do you think my style is unique in a way??? oh and don’t be afarid to rip me a new one just keep in mind I’v only been drawin’ for 3 years.


learn anatomy and don’t draw dbz style


:bluu: Really well its not dragon ball Z style and it dosen’t look any think like it you can compare but your judgment is off but ok what ever i uess I suck and you don’t so who am I to argue with that.:bluu:


Now this this is dragon ball z style this is one of my frist drawings this looks nothing like thst up there tnd this is that guys dad.:bluu:


:eek: :confused: :lame: :lol: :lol: :evil:


I know its lame and so what I’ve been drawin for 3 yrs but its all good though here’s some more laimness for you

and this one I did on paint

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lame: :evil: :bluu: but don’t get too happy lets see your art work if your any good.


What happened to his face?! :eek:

Well, this really belongs in the fanart section, but…

The drawings aren’t bad. The muscles seem a little… odd, and the faces could use a little work. But pretty decent overall.


Thanks yo, your one of the few that gave me a good responce but I gess you have to take the good with the bad, I doun’t know I try here I’ve only been rawing for 3 years but whatever, I’m just trying to develoupe my own style thats all.:stuck_out_tongue:


From the work i’ve seen you’re on the right track. However, one thing you should practice is working on proportion. The DBZ pic’s arms and legs are too short… or his head and torso are too big (you pick), and in the Ryu pick, his forehead is too wide on the right side. Keep practicing though, you’ve got potential.



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I like the first picture. Its a good one i like it very much, he looks a bit stumpy, i recommend cracking open an anatomy book. Seriously it helps you out a hundred percent. you defitnly got potential and are on the right track i do like the picture.


Thanks to you all Here is a Cammy pic I just did in about 45 seconds I don’t think it looks like her but thats what I get for not looking when I draw oh well tell me what you think and be honest, even you sweet, I just noticed that you don’t look at my work so can you look at this one pls???:bluu:


you got perportion issues.


Hello I did say I did it in about 45 seconds it ain’t gonna be no master pice like ones I take my time on cut me some slack but whatever you still dodn’t tell me what you think of the picture you just made a comment.:bluu:

Hrer is when I try


hey, i’ve been drawin for three years and thats no excuse to use if someone says the drawings aren’t very good. Take the c+C. Ur style is very like DBZ, and trust me i know since i draw anime myself. the last one has nice use of color, but i do have a hunch that u haven’t learn bodies very well yet. Anime for me is just for fun for when i wanna do lil comics but i do more realistic stuff like still life and portraits usually. U can learn a ton in 3 years.

anyways, i think they’re ok, but u need to learn porportion a little more. My best advice is to sketch a ton and just work on certain things when ur sketchin, like maybe one day work on drawin eyes, another day work on hands, ect. Keep it up tho.


Hey thats the reason for them not being good and did I mintion that I have NEVER taken an art class in my life??? I guess not but whatever, thanks for the tips anyways I’m just starting to relise that I gotta be either a bug or act like sweet to get some replies aroung hear but what ever can’t complain… I’ll show you guys some good stuff that I did with right proportions and every thing once I get a flat bed scanner till then you all all will have to enjoy these crap sketches that take me a max of 1:00 min so enjoy till then

any one else???


hey no art class for me either. Just a ton of sketchin during borin lectures which is like 70% of my class. I have art this year but all we’ve done is color shapes with crayons and made photo montages. Im only a sophmore btw.


What ever dude I don’t even care any more in fact ing I’m not really posting any thing unless some one post some real crap and I just have to post and if your so great post your stuff I wanna see, I don’t want your leacture you stick to cloring your shapes with crayons ok I’m outta high School and NEVER had a art class and I’m pretty damn good for someone who never took a class now back to your shapes and post to me only when its a good picture. :lol: :evil: :lol: :cool: :smiley: :lol:


Truth is the male pictures very much have Dbz like features. You can say no they don’t but it’s not much my problem if you don’t want to admit to it. The last picture is pretty good because you spent time on it. Learn that some people don’t give much of a fuck whether you spent a mere 30 seconds to 5 hours on it. Point is, you posted it, now they’ll break it down to you what they think. If you want them to take you seriously then work more on it. Don’t take 1 minute and think they’ll say "oh shit son that’s fucking crazy. Agreeable some people can do pretty well on a given time, but it’s a rare skill some people have. As for proportions feel free to check out tutorials if you want or look at real people in real magazines. You can try www.polykarbon.com and the tutorials there. Also remember people don’t necessarily have to be able to draw better than you or be professional to criticize your stuff. It’s agreeable some post are useless, but try to listen to the few suggestions some guys made. If Sweet posted here, whatever comments from these other guys would be nothing.



How is that not dbz style?? Anyways here are a few resourcesthat you need to look into…

  1. Burne Hogarth’s Dynamic figure drawing… not the best since he stylizes everything, but a good book to begin with to get a rough idea of muscle structure.
  2. A figure drawing model book… like the Cody/tribell Atlas Of Foreshortening. (It’s the one I use)
  3. Find a figure drawing class near where you live and go there often… hope the instructor is good. You will learn a lot from live figure drawing.
    granted there are better books than the two I suggested… but those are the only ones I know by name. Also, don’t be so defensive when some one says you suck… you did bring this upon yourself by making such a big deal about it. Just be glad you didn’t incur the wrath of Sweet… yet =)