Will ARC ever collab with big name anime/manga like Naruto or Bleach?

cause their game engine shows amazing shit

Bait? :confused:

How about no?..

EDIT: Seriously i dont know…Arc System collab with HnK BTW. But dont do dat with Naruto or Bleach.

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no their shit is hot enough.

hnk is ftw, and thats what i think we should see more of. i dont like how the current big name anime game series are turning out right now. i dont know who makes them but it looks way too kid-friendly, and not true to the manga. if it’s dimp, its ftl

Games based on manga aimed at kids looking kid-friendly? Wow.

No, but Treasure really needs to release Bleach DS 2nd as a real Arcade game with good 2D standards.

you’re getting it wrong. i dont like how it is turning out this way right now. everything looks kid-friendly, and has shitty gfx

the potential is there (minus that 4p mode). if it was gfx intensed as with ARC fighters, i wouldn’t be surprised if people started praising it

Maybe cuz it’s shows aimed at kids?

First off, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were going to collaborate with another anime, but expect bad animation to come with it as well as combolicious gameplay (not exactly good) and a bunch of technical stuff like air recovery, parries, etc (stuff you see in Arcana and GG). Second, don’t expect it to come so soon, they are busy with BlazBlue. Finally, why Bleach or Naruto? Those franchises already have established fighting game franchises

^^ not the manga & anime. and i dont mean the ones that are u.s. licensed by whoever the hell that butchered it. the shippuden anime has evolved more maturely, as shown on recent episodes (after the sasuke entourage), and bleach has always been aimed to older adolescents and adults

bleach and naruto are just blunt examples… mainly cause they’re big money makers. tengen toppa gurren-lagann perhaps (those who don’t know this, just check out this battle scene to see how much action there is [media=youtube]MI8mkjyZ-Lo&NR=1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ff4QlLbgz2Y&feature=related[/media] )

Bleach and Naruto have always ran in Shounen Jump, a manga magazine aimed at young boys.

The anime is just another way to sell the manga, just like the numerous kiddy merchandise that they sell in Japan.

bleach and naruto are just blunt examples… mainly cause they’re big money makers

In Japan (ARC’s main focus point, obviously), One Piece is a money maker, moreso than Naruto and Bleach.

And with no real traditional fighting games to speak of for OP, it just makes it easier for ARC.

Honestly, the only other “big name” (if you count it as such) Jump franchise I could see ASW actually making a game for, would probably be some thing along the lines of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. More to point, probably the newest iteration, Steel Ball Run (once that manga finishes).

A series like that would be right up ASW’s alley, especially when you consider that their own Guilty Gear, in a number of ways, draws inspiration from Jojo in more ways than one.

If there was anything that I could see the “HnK Team” (who are now on SBX) doing something else that was licensed property, it would be probably be for something like Steel Ball Run.

I don’t know which shonen jump you are referring to (us/jpn) but the US one has a different demographic compared to JPN because of the timing of the release of its (anime) episodes. i remember reading and watching early episodes of naruto when i was 17 or 18. i am 23 years old now and can still manage with it (through fansubs and manga translations). i wouldn’t say that i’m sure, but i wouldn’t doubt that older fans and diehards in jpn would still pick up a shonen jump issue every now and then and would have no shame.

Another Jojo fighting game cannot be made. There is a such thing as too much cool. But srsly, it would be dream come true to have a fighting game with all the Jojos and villains.

FUCK… i got super baited

i was so happy this thread was about the Sierra shooter game ARC, Attack, Retrieve, Capture…

best game ever

It’s ASW:Arc System Works.

I would prefer them doing Gundam game first anyway. Or EVEN better fucking KARAS.

Look man if Dimps can make SF4 I’m sure it can work the otherway round too :lol:

I get the feeling this guy has yellow fever.

I’m referring to both.

And older fans buying SJ doesn’t change the fact that the target audience for the product is young children.