Will archives be available this time round?

IT wasn’t last year and then it ended up everyone just posted stuff on youtube anyway but it would be nice to have archives of evo available is this something you will be doing this year?

I’d love to watch archives too, i’ll likely be working and have to watch it later and an archive is far more spoiler free than youtube searches.

Well considering no answer as of yet on the main page and nothing in reply here I’m going to take that as a no but it’s a shame although I book time off to watch this (I always do that since I can’t go). Even my body sometimes passes out from being too tired in the UK lol so I would like to watch archives.

It’s a shame that they don’t have any stance or Mr Wizzard won’t say anything regarding this.

Yeah i’m in australia, stream times are awful usually

The archives should have been available last year, but Twitch lost them and couldn’t recover them.

There is no plan to remove the archives this year either.


watching evo until 8 am and going to work at 9 was kinda rough last year :slight_smile:

Awesome MrWizard! Will the archives be for everyone or just for subscriptions though?

side question…will the archive from evo 09 ever get put up ign doesnt have them anymore @MrWizard


Thank you based Wizard

wizard that’s good news and yeah what they said will a subscription be needed or free for everyone?