WIll be in Tokyo May 14-19, where is there SF4 or ST comp?

I’ll be staying in the Shinjuku district, but probably will head to Akihabara a lot. Any idea what arcades with how to get there from the Shinjuku train station would be appreciated!

Club Sega Shinjuku is actually a hotspot for SF, I believe.

In akiba, arcades are all over, so you can just go to wherever. Generally, Hey Hey Hey is considered one of the better ones, iirc, but I’m sure you’ll find decent comp wherever you go.


Come join us here.

You can also try Game Safari Ikebukuro, if you want the absolute best comp.

mikado is right near shinjuku station, like 5 minute walk. Im sure youll find the best ST comp in tokyo there.

Cosigned to Shibuya Sports Land:

Mago showed up last week. 300 Yen Freeplay is ridiculous.

The past 3 times I’ve been to Club Sega Shinjuku, there were nothing but scrubs. Game Safari Ikebukuro, and TRF Nakano on Fridays would be the best places to go. Hey Arcade in Akihabara also has some pretty good comp. I saw Tokido, Nuki, and AC Revenger there the other day. Joe Viper also seems to go there from time to time.

Hey is usually pretty scrubby. Lots of Akiba tourists and anime geeks.

Rule of thumb: if it’s Club Sega or Taito Station it’s scrubs. Why? 100-120 yen PER PLAY. Most good people play freeplays or 50 yen per ONLY. The kind of shitty thing with that though is its on CRT if you’re particular. (Mr X Band SNES Super SFII shouldn’t complain though!)

Co Sign on the other places. Stay out of club segas though, 100 yen pp and the comp fucking sucks. Nobody at all goes to my local one.

For ST/AC I have heard that Game Newton Ooyama is good.

Ok, I guess I’ll be looking to go to the following:

Shibuya Sports Land (is it free play EVERY night 7:30-11:30?)
Mikado (in Shinjuku)
Hey Arcade in AKihabara

I’ll pass on Club Sega Shinjuku if it is expensive.

Any idea on how to specifically get to these places? And yes, I actually PREFER CRT over any HD anyway, so I’m not going to complain…

Free Play Every Thursday:
http://shibuya-beat.com/gaming-in-shibuya/ My site has directions, my other site in my sig has some pictures and things like that.

Hey in Akihabara is easy to find as it’s right near a GIGANTIC Taito Station. Akihabara is like, one gigantic street and it’s on the right side of that going from towards said giant street from the station.

For Mikado they have a thread about that somewhere on here, none of my friends play ST so they don’t go but maybe somebody else can help.

As far as Game Safari, I haven’t been there but its in East Ikebukuro apparently near a bunch of porno shops, they have a gigantic zeebra ass in the window.

Been in Shinjuku for a bit now, and I gotta co sign everything.

If you wanna hit Mikado, it’s like right next to the Shinjuku Prince Hotel if you can find it.

I’m staying at the SUnroute PLaza Shinjuku Hotel…

Let me clarify I have NO idea how to get anywhere except to the hotel, so if anyone has anything specific to get from Shinjuku Station to Mikado and Shibuya SPorts Land with the name of the stop on the train and exactly how to get there when I get off, I’m all ears. I’ve never been to Japan before, and I’m pretty sure I’ll find everything in Akihabara but the other places I need some help on. I might make the THursday night Free Play May 14…

Sorry, on my site I explain how to get to Shibuya and all of that. You go out of Shibuya station from exit 8 (Hachiko)

You can ride from Shinjuku station to Shibuya on Yamanote. It is really easy to get to. You can also get an english Tokyo Metro/JR Guide.

Anyway Shibuya is easy to navigate. Get to Shibuya Station, go to exit 8 (with the dog statue) and then cross the street Diagonally and to the LEFT of the Q Front Building. http://shibuya-beat.com/shibuya-shopping-qfront/comment-page-1/#comment-19 That is Sentaa Gai. Walk down the street, it will curve slightly to the left, then follow what I say in the post about the arcade itself referenced above.

Grits N Gravy, thanks…for Akihabara, is it Yellow Or Orange Line? It looks like the Chuo Line & Sobu Line…

I’m actually at the Sunroute right now. They have little maps at the front, it’ll show you where the Shinjuku Prince is.

Once you leave Sunroute, go left towards the corner with First Kitchen. From there, turn right and go up the street towards Shinjuku Station and turn left once you see Green Peas (it’s on the left side of the street). Walk along in front of Shinjuku Station toward Kabukicho, then once you get on the street with Taito Station and Shinjuku Sports Land cross the street and go left toward the Shinjuku Prince. Once you get there, make a right and keep walking toward Mikado.

That’s about as specific as I can get without remembering the street names, sorry. =/

Easiest thing dude, is to just take Yamanote line. You can get ANYWHERE touristy on that thing. It’s the light green.

There are a couple of different lines and companies that service Tokyo. JR is the aboveground, tokyo metro is the subway. THey aren’t affiliated but serve most of the same stations.

Yamanote serves Shinjuku, Shibuya, Ikebukuro, Akihabara, Ginza, Tokyo Station and it goes in a big circle.

Thanks guys…I can’t believe how close specific arcades are for competition in this city. Wow. Can’t wait to finally go to Japan.

It’ll be cool to finally meet up. I’ve wanted to chat with you ever since the whole Jason Nelson/Jeff Schaefer thing on agsf2, lol. I think I might be Jeff’s only remaining fan.

Maybe we can get some games in for HDR at Shibuya Sports as the boss sometimes sets up an Xbox360 with sticks.

And yeah, from where you’re at most of those places are under 30 minutes by train. The farthest is Akihabara Hey which if you take Yamanote it’s probably 45 mins (not 100% sure on this)

Anyway if you want to hang out with us I’m sure that’s possible too. I don’t bite but maybe Johnny Rotten does. =)

I was just at Hey this last weekend and damn, there were lots of 40,000+ people there. Not only that but I’d say Akihabara is notorius for having a shit load of Ryu and Zangiefs. All I was playing was fucking Zangiefs. Damn that shit is boring.

GritsNGravy: Those were the og days…I haven’t played HDR since SF4 came out, so even ST to me is going to be a blur at NEwton. I am going to try and make that Thursday night Shibuya free play thing barring any plane delays…I get in to Tokyo at 3:30 pm that day, so take 2 hours to get to my hotel from there on trains and all that, and I should be good to go trying to stay up. This is just like when I got off the plane after 11 hours going to London…I went right to Goodge St Casino and played SF…ugh…

mikado is in kabukicho… watch out for scouts and nigerians scam lol.